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Special 10 Days of Prayer and Fasting - April 17th to April 26th

A special 10 day period of prayer and fasting was observed by the Apostolic Faith Churches in the UK between Friday April 17th and Sunday April 26th. This is an established annual practice that started in 2006 to commemorate a similar period that gave birth to the Apostolic Faith (Latter Rain) revival in 1906. Reverend Isaac Adigun, our pastor encouraged all saints to partake of this special call, and the Lord did indeed pour out manifold blessings upon us throughout the 10 day period. Apart from the two Sundays, saints assembled in London each evening at our Peckham church for a time of revival praying. Each prayer meeting was preceded and/or interspersed with short exhortations.

On Friday (17th) evening, Brother Motlhabani Kemorwale directed the congregation to take advantage of the move of the Spirit during this special prayer season. He reminded us that a time of revival is a time of restoration, and a time we seek to make outstanding restitutions. Using Genesis 32 as his main text he admonished us to take a cue from Jacob, who set aside a time of being alone to obtain God’s favour as he prepared to reconcile with his brother Esau. A wonderful prayer meeting followed. 

On the second evening, Brother Niyi Olayisade gave us a formula on how to receive from God. He admonished us to use the Lords prayer (Matthew 6: 9-15) as a template for prayers. He particularly emphasised the importance of ensuring that we are at peace with our neighbours, and to have a clear conscience before God and man. He warned us that possessing the spirit of unforgiveness is a hindrance to prayers.

We had a blessed time on Sunday (19th) during both morning and evening services. We had two visiting Pastors from Nigeria, Reverend Richard Owen and Reverend Olatunde.  Bro. Owen preached a very inspiring sermon titled ‘Does God still answer prayers?’. Using 2 Corinthians 10:4 as his main text spoke on the power of prayers, stating his testimony on how God miraculously rescued him from the hands of kidnappers after 13 days of a near death experience in a dungeon. Click here to listen to the full service which contains the full testimony.  In the evening, Rev. Isaac Adigun preached a stirring sermon on how Hezekiah received instantaneous answers to prayers when he was sick unto death. (2 Kings 20: 1-6) He mentioned that the pre-requisite to prayers being answered is to walk before God in truth, with a perfect heart, and doing that which is good. 


On Monday (20th) Brother Ikpaison Ukpe stressed the importance of having the word of God in our hearts. Using Psalm 119:11, he emphasized that the word of God is the defence of the Christian and the shield against the wiles of the enemy. Our prayers focused on the grace to hide God’s Word in it’s fullness in our hearts. Prayers were also made for God to stop the anarchists who were putting graffiti in front of the church and plotting to disrupt the continuing operations of our Peckham church.

On Tuesday (21st) Sister Marian Igwe read from Jeremiah 9:1-12 and exhorted the congregation to reminisce on what God has done in the past, take stock and be encouraged that He is willing to do even more today and in the future. She maintained that praying is a sure route to being refreshed in the Lord.

On Wednesday (22nd) Brother Francis Ola-odudu encouraged all in attendance that their expectations would be met during this prayer week. He gave a testimony of how God recently answered a specific prayer request made by his family to the last detail. He referred to Jeremiah 32:16, 17, 27 and encouraged us to press on to God until we receive answers, bearing in mind that there is nothing too hard for God.

On Thursday (23rd), prayers were led by Brother Isaac Sodipe. After a session of hearty congregational singing, Brother Isaac read 1 King 8:46 and proclaimed that whatever our problems, God will solve them all. He also read several written prayer requests and encouraged all that God will remove all barriers and answer all the requests.

Friday (24th) coincided with our end of month prayer meeting. The turnout was impressive, and the church enjoyed three wonderful hours between 8pm and 11pm in the presence of the Lord. We started with a time of praise with Brother Toyin Ajayi using Isaiah 9:2 as a springboard. We were all thankful for the great light shown to us, and were reminded of our church caption ‘Jesus the Light of

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