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CAMP MEETING 2009 - 18 to 26 JULY

Sunday 19 July

Camp meeting 2009 opened on Sunday 19th July with a presentation by the Sunday school children which centered on this year’s camp meeting theme – Bring them (here) unto me. 

 The devotional service that followed opened with soul stirring renditions by the combined choir and orchestra. Various messages of goodwill from across the world were read out. The message on “Seeking the Lost,” was given by the General Superintendent of Apostolic Faith, Rev Darrel Lee.




The young adults’ service followed in the afternoon. The youth choir, Vessels of Honour, has been boosted recently by new members as a result of the youth camp revival earlier in the year, and also by youths from other stations and they sang beautifully. Sister Ronke Aina of Aberdeen gave the message, taking a cue from Psalm 1:8. She admonished that the Lord expects us all to be in season all the time and to have deep roots in Him.  The service concluded with an altar call.





At the Revival Service in the evening, there was an atmosphere of true fellowship as we sang: “The More we Are Together.” It provided an opportunity to meet delegates from different parts of the world. There were many uplifting testimonies. Reverend Tifase from Nigeria gave a sermon on how the Lord calms our contrary winds. He admonished us that storms come so that we can focus on Jesus Christ. A great altar service followed the sermon.





Monday 20th  July


Morning Bible Teaching.

Rev. Isaac Adigun, the host pastor delivered the first teaching - Divine Requirements - using Micah 6:8. He reminded the congregation that as there are requirements for filling temporal positions, there are also requirements for meeting God’s standards which include holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.





At the start of the evening meeting, all newcomers to the UK Camp Meeting were given a special welcome. For the sermon, Brother Molthabani Kermowole took his passage from Acts 16:16 – 27.  He advised against becoming entangled with the affairs of the world, which could, in the manner of a python, squeeze the life out of our “spiritual man.” A wonderful altar service followed, with people desperately wanting to be set free. Many were saved and sanctified.





Tuesday 21st July

Morning Bible Teaching.

Reverend Lee started his teaching on Fellowship, which was going to be in two parts, by reading 1 John 1:5-9.  He expounded that fellowship that we experience in the gospel is as a result of the common experience that we have in Christ. It is not the same as a business partnership, or a community or even a family relationship.  He stressed that our fellowship is not the Apostolic Faith fellowship, but the Bible faith fellowship.  The basic doctrines of salvation, sanctification and baptism of the Holy Ghost are Bible doctrines. The altar call was made as we were all admonished to become part of the fellowship.




Evening Revival Service

Taking his scripture from Luke 24:44-49, Brother Daniel Oladele of Atlanta preached about The Power of God in our lives.  Brother Daniel told the congregation that in order to be able to work for the Lord, we need the power of God in our lives. When we have the power of God, obedience to God’s laws and standards become easy. 







Wednesday 22nd July

The morning was left as free time to allow us to relax, rest, go shopping, sight-seeing or pray.


Children’s Church

In the afternoon, we enjoyed children’s church.  We listened to a delightful repertoire of pieces by the children’s choir.  We heard wonderful testimonies – it was touching to hear how the little children appreciated the work of God in their lives.  Before the object lesson, Aanu Sodipe sang a beautiful solo.  Trina Paulsen visiting from Portland, Oregon, gave the object lesson.  Using the account of David and Goliath, she taught the children (and the adults) that they are never too small, too weak, or too short to be used by God. 




She also used her testimony and Jessica Musgrave’s testimony to encourage the children that they can be saved at a young age.  Trina concluded by using the account of the boy and his lunch of five loaves and two fishes, to teach the lesson that the Lord can miraculously multiply something that is seemingly small.  The M&M sweets that were used as part of the illustration went down a treat with the children after the service.  But before then, the children in their own little way prayed at the altar and had a good time seeking the Lord.




Evening Revival Service

To open the service, we heard the choir sing Blessed Be the Name of the Lord.  Delegates from Aberdeen, Spain, Finland and France sang Shine, Jesus Shine for the first special.


Testimony time was extraordinary. Esther Olayiwola speaking on behalf of the youths ‘hijacked’ the testimony service to give a special appreciation to the pastor, Reverend Isaac Adigun, for his support of the young people.  While the eulogy was being read, single red roses were distributed to the officiating ministers, and a bunch of roses was presented to Rev. Isaac.  The young people also appreciated the church for their support, and solicited for prayers so that they would become youths after God’s heart, and uphold the gospel.  It was a seminal moment which reduced the Pastor and many others to tears. 




The Pastor was pretty much speechless after the presentation and could only say that he did not at all regret accepting the call to be the Pastor for the London church. Brother Ola Balogun gave the word on Spiritual Vision using Acts 26:19 as his main text. It was very apt in view of the youths recognition that there was a “mantle of leadership” being handed out to them to continue with the light of the gospel burning bright. We all went to our knees following the sermon, asking the Lord to give us a vision.




Thursday 23rd July

Thursday morning brought the teaching about the Second Coming of Christ by Rev. James Tifase. He enjoined everyone to do everything possible to prepare for this inevitable event by constantly making sure that our standing is right with God when the rapture takes place.


For the revival service in the evening, Rev. Frank Matthews preached using the theme of the camp meeting: “Bring them (here) unto Me,” telling the congregation to bring all our inadequacies and problems before the Lord, and He would make light of all our problems. He also reminded us of the little boy with five loaves and two pieces of fish, saying that even the smallest talents and gifts we have can be multiplied a hundredfold to bring glory to His name.




Friday 24th July

The morning service opened with a flute solo by Sis Olos, titled “All must be well”. Rev. Darrel Lee continued his teaching on Fellowship, reiterating that fellowship is the basis of our faith.

The choir opened the Revival Service with an enthusiastic rendition of our “God is Marching On” before the sermon by Bro Daniel Oladele on Faith. Bro. Oladele described faith as obedience to the Word of God. He reminded the congregation that many have lost their lives so that we can have the Gospel. We need to pray that God should increase our faith and give us similar faith to Caleb and Joshua.




Saturday 25th July

On Saturday morning, all the saints observed the ordinances of the Last Supper and the Washing of the Disciples’ feet. It was a very solemn time of self-examination and communion with the Holy Spirit of God. It was also a time of asking for God’s leading hand on His church.

In the afternoon, the ordinance of Water Baptism was observed for newly saved saints who were either saved during the current camp meeting, or were saved before but did not have the opportunity to observe the ordinance at the time.



The Revival Service in the evening was rousing and a fitting end to the Revival Services of camp meeting 2009. The sermon was preached by Rev. James Tifase.









Sunday 26th July

The final meeting of camp meeting 2009 also had a presentation by the Sunday school children as they reminded us of some of the major points to be taken away from this year’s convention. They bade farewell to the delegates from 11 different countries that attended this year’s camp meeting.

The sermon preached by Rev. Darrel Lee looked at Life as a journey with a beginning and an end. He elated this to the Christian journey which begins realistically at salvation and would end at the rapture with the “Catching Away” of the overcoming saints to the marriage supper of the Lamb. He encouraged all his listeners to make every effort to be worthy of being with the Lord at the end.

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