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Special prayer and fasting 14th - 23rd November 2008.


The call for ten days prayer and fasting period from Friday 14th – 23rd November 2008 came from Rev Isaac Adigun whilst on a working visit to Nigeria. We were admonished to pray and fast till we get results. The following were points raised from the prayers that were conducted: 

We presented unto God praise and thanksgiving for the commencement of the fasting period. We lifted the voice of thanksgiving, and spoke of all His wondrous works. We praised the name of God in songs, choruses and hymns. We also praised Him for the grace given to us to remain and continue in the Faith, for new things, and for making a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

We confessed and forsook all our sins asking for the forgiveness of our transgressions. We pleaded the blood that was shed on the cross of Calvary to wash us clean. We also asked God for mercies upon all our shortcomings.

We prayed that the Lord would cause every form of self interest, self love, self concern that may hinder our prayers to be banished in our lives and for the spirit of God to play a dominant role.

We prayed that God should give every member of the Church the grace to have the mind of evangelism because the end result of it all is heaven. God should supply us with heavenly wisdom and understanding that would make the work of soul winning easy and encouraging.

We prayed that God should cause our pulpits to generate the volume of fire needed to quicken, revive and awake everyone. That God should equip our pastor and ministers with anointing that will cause us to have results.

We prayed that God should help to build our lives on the Word of God and to destroy every form of distractions that will shift our focus from the word. That God should help us build our lives on the foundation of truthfulness, righteousness and holiness. 

We asked that the Lord should help our youths to flee from youthful lusts and follow after righteousness, faith, charity and peace. In addition to that, we prayed for our lives, families and church also against all habits and human practices that open the door for the spirit of lack and devourers in our lives.

We prayed against the culture of guns and knives in our society and for peace in our time, let wars and hostilities cease in all countries. May God save us from natural as well as artificial disasters.

We prayed that God will fill us with all wisdom to manage our homes discretely so that the enemy will have no access.

We prayed for the provision and protection especially for the members of the choir and orchestra that will be travelling around to stage Christmas concerts in December.

In conclusion, we thank God for the completion of this month of prayer with fasting. We thank God for the strength and grace as well as His abilities to answer our desires more than we requested or thought. We thank God for the spirit of brokenness, the ability to ask and receive, the right ways to pray and the fire of the Holy Ghost that ignites us. May His name be continually praised and glorified.
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