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Prayer and Fasting Week - April 08

This corporate prayer and fasting week focused on hearing from, and to communicate with our marvellous God who specialises in making impossibilities possible! Prayer and praise in songs and choruses flowed from our hearts; allowing us to submit and conform to God’s character.


The Bible enjoined us to “pray without ceasing,” Also to make our requests “by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving.”  These gave us the assurance that God hears us when we call, and that He will answer. We therefore petitioned God on behalf of the church and its leaders for vision, revelation, direction and protection. We pleaded with God on all issues that affect the unity of the church as a whole, our family our finances and our physical healing needs. In addition, we prayed for the spread of the Gospel and revival through our land .

On Friday we looked at Acts 13: 1-4 where the Holy Ghost spoke immediately after the disciples engaged themselves in united prayer and fasting. This is the time for us to be united in telling God about all our overwhelming problems. We were assured of victory over all threatening situations in our lives as we have responded positively to this month’s call of prayers. We also shared the promise of God that He would make our crooked paths straight and dig out treasures for us as oil, gold and other treasures are dug from the deepest ends of the earth.


On Saturday prayers were offered for thanksgiving, good health, life, food and the air we breathe in because God will be happy to see us show appreciation for His goodness to us. We later prayed for unity because when we are united, results would follow. Finally, according to Mathew 21: 22, that all things whatsoever we shall ask in prayer believing, we shall receive; we prayed in faith that all the mountains of problems in our lives be removed in Jesus name.


On Sunday morning, with the text from Ezekiel 12: 1, 2 we prayed for the beginning of a new beginning; changes in our circumstances and situations and a change from our old nature to a new one. We also prayed for a change of name from a sinner to a saint. Lastly, we prayed that God would change our nature of incessant murmuring and complaining. We were admonished that we must humbly obey God to the letter for this new beginning and change to be effective.

A session of prayer for parents and children was held in the afternoon followed by a power packed anointed evening service when the under achieving at school; those who are almost getting saved like King Agrippa and those who are looking for a more convenient time like Felix were encouraged to pray through. We were advised not to stay in the realm of thinking and analysing but to move on with a constructive action plan like that of the prodigal son who said that he would arise and go to his father and actually arose and went to his father for forgiveness.


On Monday, after reading from Luke 1:30-33, we sighted examples from the Bible about impossible cases made possible. We prayed for God’s favour according to the message of the angel Gabriel to Mary. We also read similar faith engineering references from Numbers 11:23; Jeremiah 32:27; Jeremiah 32:17; Mathew 19:26; Genesis 18: 14. We finally spoke to God for blessings like Abraham did in Genesis 18:27.

On Tuesday, with the text at Luke 1: 36 – 38, we were encouraged that our change must come because God who changed Elizabeth’s barrenness is still on His throne. He would dry up our problems from the roots. Based on Philippians 2: 9 and 10, poverty, sickness, unemployment and faithlessness were commanded to bow. Victory over all situations militating against our well being was invoked in the name of Jesus.

On Wednesday, we soberly took stock as we went through the right way to fast and pray with results following as recorded in Isaiah 58. We prayed in particular for results that would go beyond our local church world wide and among many other prayer requests were that God should pay all our debts and provide for all our spiritual, physical, material and financial needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.


On Thursday, we were admonished to trust God who has the final say to all our cases. David conquered Goliath, Daniel was delivered from the lions and fire could not destroy the three Hebrew children because God had the final say in their cases. We prayed for the removal of any known and unknown sins that could block our breakthroughs and we finally dispersed fully armed with the promise in Obadiah 17.

On Friday, we were told to imagine and share our feelings if someone told us at the start of our prayers to go home because our prayers were already answered. People came up with adjectives like: happy; thankful and relief. We were then encouraged from Psalm 77: 16 to go and thank the Lord because the waters of the problems of sickness, poverty, unemployment and limitations in our lives have seen the Lord and have fled.


On Saturday, we were inspired by the words of the angel Gabriel in Luke 1:37 that with God all things are possible and we shared some dumbfounding testimonies bearing in mind that such testimonies and miracles bring revival. We read Mark 10: 46 – 52 where Blind Bartimaeus specifically told Jesus that He wanted his sight restored. We were encouraged to pray for ourselves as well as for the less able children and those whose needs are obvious in our midst.

On Sunday, the last day of our ten days prayer and fasting week, we were encouraged from Ezekiel 37 that our past was gone, but that there is a glimmer of hope shinning through for the future for us. We shared few testimonies of impossible cases that were made possible during this period of fasting and praying to stir our hearts to pray should we still have grave situations of hopelessness and all other kinds of impossibilities that need restoration. The solution came from Joel 2 where we were advised to humbly rend our hearts like the publican and not our garments like the Pharisee in Luke chapter 18 who had pride and hypocrisy.

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