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Birmingham Youth Day


Reported by ‘Seun Ogunleye


The fifteenth day of the fourth month of year 2007 marked the birth of youth day programme in the Birmingham branch of the Apostolic Faith Church U.K. In a twinkle of an eye, another year rolled by and there arrived again the youth day we all in Birmingham so much longed for. A day all the youths had waited and prayed for.


For the second time running, the Birmingham annual youth day was held at Hutton Community Centre, Birmingham on the 13th of April, 2008 and themed; ‘SECRET TO SUCCESS’. It was a day packed with various sacred activities sandwiched with inspirational songs.


The arrival of the thirteen (13) young people from London marked the beginning of the day. ‘Seun Ogunleye opened the Sunday school programme, at 10.30 am leading the congregational songs and prayers, before the Sunday school lesson which was taken by Bro Stan Nyakuhwa The Sunday school lesson review was taken by Bro Ola Balogun, before everyone went on their knees to pray.

All the youth and the Birmingham congregation had lunch together at the worship center before the main event for the day titled. After the lunch and preparation period for the programme the youths and the Birmingham congregation had a wonderful prayer session at 15.00hrs for about half an hour. Two main challenges faced on that day shortly before the event which created an atmosphere of fear of low or no turn out by any of our invitees were: one, there was a major football match involving two big teams supported by most of our invitees billed for the same time as the programme, and secondly, we have always enjoyed a large audience from youths of another Christian group who have also fixed a special event for the same time.  Following the prayer session we had a few of the invitees shelving the game for the programme.


The programme commenced at 4.00pm with a welcome address given by Seun Ogunleye, which was followed by series of songs by VOH and the congregational songs led by Sister Ruth Hovert before the opening prayers by Bro. Ola Balogun.

The features of the programme included a series of songs by VOH, with many of the songs involving the congregation. We had a short drama on the theme of the event featuring two young people who were introduced to the gospel of Christ by their friends while in the University. One of them accepted the gospel message and the other could not be bothered. They both graduated, and went their different ways. Years later they met up, the one that accepted the gospel, though he graduated with a slightly lower grade than his friend, had been successful, in life, he had a good job, a happy family whereas, his friend’s life is in shambles. He was able to tell him the secret to his success was accepting that gospel message.




We had a number of inspiring testimonies from the youth highlighting how God had helped them to be successful in one thing or the other. The testimonies were sandwiched with some short choruses.

A short soul searching sermon was preached by Bro. Mothlabani on the theme of the youth day “Secret to Success”. Taking his text from 2 Chronicles 26:5, he admonished everyone that God has created in everyone a potential to be successful. He took Joseph as a case study Gen 39:3, 23, he admonished all that for us to be successful we must be determined to follow God through in spite all the hindrances such as  discouragement, doubt, fear, laziness and procrastination that we have to deal with. He rounded off the message in a creative way showing that to be successful in life we must the right thing first, which is doing God’s will. At the end of this sermonette; both members and visitors fell on their knees to pour their heart to God while Bro. Banji Alade gave the closing prayer. 








It was indeed a blessing filled day as God blessed each soul that sincerely sought Him. The programme was brought to an end at 5.50pm. The London youth were thanked for their support and as they embarked on their journey back home about 6.10pm while people were still praying at the alter. In all we had a total of 58 people in attendance.

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