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2008 UK Camp Meeting

Saturday 19th of July 2008, marked the beginning of the UK Camp meeting. Highly expectant campers gathered at the London Church, where they boarded four coaches, a mini-coach and several cars to travel to the Cefn Lea Christian Centre located at Newtown, Mid-Wales. Delegates were from many countries including USA, Nigeria, Norway, Finland, Germany, Holland, France, as well as other cities in the UK. The theme for the Camp Meeting was “I will do marvels”. The Lord really did marvels as many souls received blessings of salvation, sanctification, baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire, healing and many other individual blessing. The bible teachings, revival and evangelistic services and the Morning Prayer meetings were such a thrill that many souls would tarry on the altar to receive blessings from God. It was a remarkable time of spiritual refreshing.

Children presentations featured as preludes during the two Sundays, and the young tots enthusiastic performances were such a blessing to souls.

Camp Meeting Highlights

We had the opportunity to listen to wonderfully inspired teachings and sermons throughout the camp-meeting. Each of them was preceded by beautiful musical renditions from the choir and orchestra, congregational singing and heart touching testimonies.

The Good Ground (20/7/08)

The opening sermon was a teaching on “The Good Ground” from our guest speaker Reverend Rob Wakefield. Using Mark 4: 3-8, he focused on the spiritual condition of the heart and admonished the congregation to feed on the word of God and pray that we bear much fruit for the Lord. We were encouraged to know that if we put our confidence in the word of God, we will reap the results in due season. Brother Rob told us how God saved his father whom he had prayed for over 20 years. He said we should not cast away our confidence in God (Hebrews 10: 34-38), but be patient until we receive God’s promises

Making a Gainful Investment (21/7/08)

Reverend Rob Wakefield gave a bible teaching on “Making a Gainful Investment”. Using John 3: 16 as his main text, we were told that God invested in us by giving his only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for our redemption. He taught us that God values our souls and therefore paid the highest price as shown in I Peter 1: 18-19.  We were also admonished to value our relationship with God and our fellow man, which God values a lot. He emphasised that if we love our neighbour as Jesus taught us, then we will be prepared to pay the price for these relationships to work.

Christian Forgiveness (22/7/08)

Using Matthew 5: 38-48, Reverend Paul Akazue gave the teaching on “Christian Forgiveness”. He spoke on the importance of practising Christian forgiveness if we want to make it to heaven. He said that we should not question: why things will happen to us; why people will persecute us; step on our toes or even defraud us. We should rather take the route of Christian forgiveness that God has provided for us as a remedy. In addition, he told the congregation that we should forgive all people because God expects that from everyone. He does not hurt anyone. He provides rain, sunshine and oxygen for everyone. We should therefore tolerate those who offend us in the same way God tolerates the sinners. The importance of Christian forgiveness was linked to our salvation and we were told that if anyone lacks forgiveness, our own forgiveness for our sins can be cancelled by God.

The Bride of Christ (24/7/08)

This was another soul searching teaching on “The Bride of Christ” delivered by Reverend Rob Wakefield. He taught on the importance of having our spiritual garments which God gives us at salvation spotless, clean and without wrinkle.  We were told this is necessary for us to be part of the bride of Christ when the rapture of the saints takes place. Many souls were stirred to tarry at the altar of prayer seeking God to bless them.

The Sin Question (25/7/08)

Reverend Isaac Adigun gave us the teaching on “The Sin Question”. He taught that sin blocks God’s blessings from reaching us. He made it very clear that anyone needing God to do marvels in his or her life must ask God to search, reveal and remove all hindrances to such blessings. He used Galatians 5:19-21 to highlight and explain most known forms of sin that will stop the flow of God’s blessings as well as prevent one from making heaven. It was such an inspiring sermon that many tarried on the altar of prayer to receive pardon for both sins of commission and omission.


On the morning of Saturday 26th July we had the ordinance services of the Lord’s Supper and the washing of the disciples’ feet. The expecting saints were so much thrilled to follow the instructions of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. There was so much joy among the believers during the morning ordinance services. At the end of the ordinance service, we heard a duet from the Wakefield’s among other freewill offerings of praise from saints.

In the afternoon our joy was increased by witnessing the baptismal service for those that had been saved during the weekly meetings. 10 saints were baptised in water – 5 males and 5 females.

Evangelistic Services

These comprised of evening revival meetings and a young adult service. Heart warming sermons were delivered by spirit filled ministers, and God blessed souls around the altar of prayer after each meeting. 

Closing Sunday (27/7/08)

Using I Timothy 4:16 Reverend Rob Wakefield admonished us to remember all the teachings, revival and evangelistic sermons that we heard at the camp-meeting and to “continue in them” in order to remain established in the Gospel and be able to tell others the sound doctrines in order that they may be partakers of the Kingdom of God.  The sermon was such an inspiration that many souls gathered around the altar of prayer asking God to give them power knowledge and wisdom to remain fervent in the service of our Lord.

After receiving packed lunches delegates headed back to their various destinations. It was indeed a great week of fellowship with God and among Saints.

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2008 UK Camp Meeting

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