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North-West England Visit 2009

The Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds groups of North West England had the privilege of having Rev Isaac Adigun and his wife Stella worship with them on Sunday 9th August 2009 for a combined Sunday Service held in Bolton at the Deepdale Community Centre. The service started with a prayer meeting at 11.15am.  Brother Mark Mfandarahwa sang, ‘He touched me‘ by George B. Shea, as a prelude to the Sunday School. The lesson which was taught by Sister Stella Adigun was quite inspiring and many poured out their hearts to the Lord after the Sunday school session. 




During the Devotional Service, the Liverpool group rendered, ‘To God be the Glory’ by F.J. Crosby, followed by a Medley of choruses by the Bolton/Manchester group. The special song, ‘Here is Love’ by William Rees was rendered by two couples from Manchester.











Rev Isaac Adigun delivered a Sermon on ‘How were thine eyes opened’ using John 9:10 as his text. The inspiring sermon was based on the Sunday school lesson for the day and focused on the fact we must be sure of our salvation. He taught that the blind man knew it was Jesus who healed him and did not change his testimony every time he was asked who had made him to be able see. The sermon highlighted the importance of the fact that only Jesus can save souls and give the assurance that our sins have been forgiven. The fruits of salvation follow any saved person, without struggling to be righteous as God gives the power to live a life above sin.





In addition, Rev. Adigun added that God will save only those who acknowledge their sins, and confess them. The congregation was moved to pray fervently to God after the sermon. It was a great revival.

There was a brief congregational meeting after the service during which Rev. Adigun, among other business matters, encouraged the members to demonstrate love through visits and constantly checking on one another’s welfare. He also mentioned the importance of starting to make preparations for the next year’s (2010) Camp Meeting, should Jesus tarry. At the end a sumptuous lunch was served amidst sweet fellowship.

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North-West England Visit
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