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Rev. Isaac Adigun Visits Birmingham


For the second time since the Birmingham group of the Apostolic Faith Church in the U.K. started, our pastor, Rev. Isaac Adigun, visited us in the company of his wife, Sis. Stella Adigun. It was indeed a special Sunday with special songs and soul pondering messages. There were a total of 26 in attendance including 5 children. Amongst the adults was Sis.Maureen Isilda from the West-Indies. When she first came to England, she searched fervently for her loved church - The Apostolic Faith, with the famous inscription 'Jesus the Light of the world'. Even though it seemed at first that no one could help her, she did not lose hope. This made her to contact our mother church in Portland Oregon, from where she got the contact details of our leader here in Birmingham, Sis. Eunice Bolade. Since then, she has always attended services including midweek prayer meetings and Bible studies.

Also in attendance was Bro. Emmanuel, a member of the church in Coventry; a neighbouring city to Birmingham. Although he used to worship with us before; he decided to visit  us that Sunday without the foreknowledge that our Pastor was visiting. We believe it was the Lord’s doing to bless him. We also had Bro. Uki in our midst, a vibrant young man from an evangelical church in Italy. He testified the following: “I fell in love with this great church the first time I walked into it. It was all I’ve wanted”. May God uphold him to the end.

Sister Stella taught the Sunday school lesson about  'John the baptist; The forerunner of Jesus'. With the help of God, and the backing of the Holy Spirit, she brought the lesson home to us, speaking clearly that we were created by God for a divine purpose and that we should strive to know this purpose in prayer and pursue it with God’s grace. As John lived a lifestyle that matched his calling we too must endeavour to do the same. At the end of the lesson, Sister Toyin Aina sang a soul inspiring song titled ‘It pays to serve Jesus’. Sis Ajayi closed with a short prayer followed by individual prayers for God to make us doers of His Word.

The devotional service was opened with a short prayer after the prelude of songs. Everyone was  very attentive as Rev. Isaac Adigun shared a similar message God laid upon his heart at the beginning of a recently concluded prayer and fasting session in our London church. Quoting from Joel 1:1-5, 13 he questioned, ‘Hath this been in your days ..?’ What we see these days make us to be afraid of what is becoming of the old time religion. We want to sing that song as well as live the life. Christ’s second coming is fast approaching; but unfortunately many people are either falling away or falling short of living up to the standard of the gospel.


The pastor prayed that God would help us to stand despite the alarming rate of this spiritual declension so as to leave a good legacy behind for the younger and coming generation. It was a clear and straight message which touched everyone and made us to pray with a broken heart.

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