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........YOUTH CAMP 2008 - MAKE IT HAPPEN .......

Pursue, Overtake……and Recover All!  (I Samuel 30:8)

We are eternally grateful to God for His blessings that He poured out on us this youth camp. We have not enough words to express our gratitude. On the evening of May 2nd, 70+ youths and elders waited for two coaches to arrive and take them to ‘Winchester House’ on the Isle of Wight. Also a group of about 12 delegates left Birmingham to join the main youth body. The groups were to travel down to Portsmouth and take a ferry to the Isle of Wight. The Master of the Ocean gave us a peaceful journey on the sea.
Looking back, God has given us fantastic youth camp themes. 2004 was ‘JAM – Just Ask for More’: 2005 ‘Tough enough’, 2006 Soul Chemistry and 2007 ‘Step Up Your Game’. This year’s theme was the crowning of the past youth camps. The Youths were given the encouragement to make things happen in there lives. What ever may have been lost/stolen by the enemy of our soul, if we seek God, He has promised us that we ‘pursue, overtake and without fail recover all’.
On arrival, youths were directed to where the baggage should go and then entered the Sanctuary for a short introduction and prayers. Already the Spirit of God could be felt. A peaceful and clam atmosphere pervaded the location. The youths had an introductory word from the Youth Camp Director – Bro Ola Balogun.


Devotionals had been prepared for early Bible studies for mentees and mentors, based on 1st Samuel 30:8. Each day the youth were to look at each instruction God had given to David (‘Pursue, Overtake ……and Recover all’) and apply the message to their lives.
The first programme of the day was titled ‘I can make it happen’. The youths were put into groups and were given
a jigsaw puzzle to assemble together. They enjoyed it and it helped to build a good rapport amongst themselves. Unknown to the youths, some of the pieces of the jigsaw were missing.
At the end of the time allocated, the groups were to reconvene in the sanctuary to display their finished/unfinished work. The roundup focused on the fact that God has set a stage or a beautiful scene (God’s wonderful plan for our lives) for each
and every one of us. We are the missing piece to this scene and the decision is ours to choose if we want the step in that scene and ‘Make it Happen in our lives’.
The second part of the morning programme was a group discussion on 4 topics:
Topic 1: Blind Bartimæus Made It Happen!    Mark 10: 46 - 52
Topic 2: Prodigal Son Made It Happen!     Luke 15:11 - 23
Topic 3: The Woman with the issue of Blood made It Happen! Matt 9:20-23, Mark 5:25 – 34
Topic 4: The Syrophoenician woman made it Happen! Mark 7:24 - 30
The youth were to discuss the problems in the lives of
the four individuals, as well as considering the solutions and apply there answers to their lives.
Their feedback was noted down and to be presented on the last day of camp.
The afternoon time was more relaxed, the guys went to play football, whilst the girls had an active aerobic session. Others went to inhale some scenery by a stroll along the beach waterfront.
With fully exhausted muscles the girls and guys looked forward to a relaxing yet spirit filled film show evening to cap off the day. The film was titled ‘The Crossing’ based on how God used the death of a college student to bring his best friend to the knowledge of God’s love. It was evident how important it was to receive Christ’s love in order to use His rugged yet sufficient cross, to cross over to the side of Freedom. A heart felt round up was given by Bro Banji Alade as he encouraged all young campers to fall at the altar and pray and cry out to God.
The spirit of God gripped the youth, and prayers ascended to God like sweet smelling incense from penitent hearts. God didn’t disappoint. Even after the prayer time, some young people went back to there rooms and longed to establish the connection with Jesus until the early hours of the morning. The connection was established as God came down to save a soul. Oh what joy that flowed in the recipient’s heart and others around.


Sunday morning found mentors and their mentees digging into the second camp devotional. After a refreshing breakfast, once again with a heightened spirit of expectation, campers made their way to the sanctuary for Sunday school. Six classes had been prepared for various age groups. It was refreshing to have the Sunday school in a new and nature-orientated location. The spiritual benefit was of course, unaffected by the change of environment.
Morning service began with an orchestral piece: Give thanks. This was followed by ‘I will call upon the Lord & Lift the saviour up by the choir. John Olaleye gave a beautiful solo, ‘I need you’ which encouraged the youth to understand that in order to make it happen in their lives they need God. The anthem was an exhortation to ‘Bless the Lord’. The special song ‘All of Me’ was rendered by Ruth Hoevertsz.
Bro. Mothlabani gave the sermon. He exhorted campers by encouraging them on ‘Pursue, overtake and recover all’. He admonished the youths be encouraged as David encouraged himself in the lord when he was facing a problem. We should pray to God, sing songs to inspire our hearts, search the scriptures and remember testimonies of how God has helped others. He explained the situation of David and how God gave the victory, and how we too can have such a victory in our lives.
Sunday afternoon was an open ended drama, which was to involve the audience. The drama was base on three young people who had got to a cross road in there lives and had to make decision that would shape their future. The drama paused at the mid point and then the audience were split into groups to act out what they thought would be the end result of these three young people. The group feedback was mind-blowing as each group performed various scenarios in engulfing ways. The true conclusion of the three youths was then displayed, showing no matter where one is, what they’re running from, there isn’t any alternate route than the loving arms of Jesus saying “You can do it my child but only through me.” With a solemn conclusion the call to prayer was given as youth made personal contact with God to their hearts desire.
The evening service heralded a mighty victory; the musical preludes began with flute & violin duet by Ruth Alade & Ruth Hoevertsz. It was clear that God’s Holy Spirit was present and what a blessing came down. The choir sang God’s gonna do it again’ with ‘Holy spirit Rain down’ & ‘The Battle belongs to the Lord. Theses songs ensured that God was truly present that night. The special was ‘God is still doing great things’ and the female quartet wrapped up with ‘Lord I come to you’
Heart-touching testimonies were given by youths, who just wanted to Thank God and who were particularly grateful for blessings received at camp. One particular testimony by a young female told of how she felt stuck not going back or forward. She refused to go back to her old life but had no drive to move and press forward with God. God quickly changed her circumstance around as she jumped for joy the previous Saturday evening amongst those who wanted to establish their connection with God. It was there her love for Christ bubbled up from what seemed to be an enclosed volcano, desperate to erupt. God reminded her that he still loves her and she was happy to tell the world.
Bro. Seun Ogunleye gave a hair rising sermon. He posed questions to the youths to think outside of the box and be truthful to themselves at where they’re at with God as if they were sat beside Jesus to watch a DVD of their lives. Souls were pricked to action to make good things happen through prayer. All fell on their knees in the sanctuary and others in nearby meeting rooms too pulled Gods hand of mercy down in penitence.

The Last Day

It appeared as soon as we arrived we had to leave. As campers pulled off their beddings and arranged last minute items into their suitcases, they reminisced on the events of yet another powerful youth camp, recalling what they had received and still waiting to receiving from God. All gathered for the last time in the sanctuary. Group feed back from Saturday’s activity was extremely profound. They illustrated their understanding of the problems in the lives of Blind Bartimaeus, The Prodigal Son, and The Woman with the issue of Blood and The Syrophoenician woman; as well as considering the solutions the four characters used, to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN with Christ.
The story of the Prodigal son was brought into our modern day. He had problems of greed, selfishness, disrespect, by taking his inheritance from his father, even before his death, partying all night, drinking, smoking, using cursing words, lusting and taking advantage of women, spending, spending, spending and trusting in friends for his life. It wasn’t until his money ran out that he discovered that all his friends, the girls and ‘fun’ would run out on him too. In Blind Bartimaeus’ case, he suffered discouragement from on-lookers, even his tattered garments held him back which he quickly removed. We recalled the passage in the Bible if your eye is causing you to sin and holding you back, it is better to pluck it out and throw it in the lake of fire that you’re whole soul perishing with it. Blind Bartimaeus also fumbled over the rocks and stone on the ground; the feeling of not knowing as he was blind and couldn’t see where he was going, also was a pull back. But he was certain of whom he wanted to reach and that was Jesus. The youths were encouraged to give practical methods to avoid such extreme ungodly activities and apply them to their lives.
Bro Ola gave some final words of encouragement to all and gratitude to God for not disappointing our requests. He recalled how God answers in different ways and how this particular youth camp was unique and special as exemplified by the blanket of prayer that went before us from branches world wide; as well as the honest prayer request by campers and parents before our arrival to the site.
Gods’ blessings were humbly and quietly spread to all, as was his Spirit ministering to saved and unsaved souls in various ways. We departed the Isle of Wight leaving a foot print of the Holy Spirit as we looked forward to another fun, blessed youth camp and ultimately a new relationship with Christ.
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