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Camp Meeting 2010

“It shall be well” was the theme for the 10th Anniversary of the UK Camp Meeting which took place from the 24th July -1st August 2010 at Cefn Lee Christian Centre nestled in scenic Mid Wales.This year campers enjoyed upgrades of chalets with newly completed upstairs apartments. Majority of the campers took up residence on Saturday the 24th July 2010 with many joining us later in the week, for evening services and for the weekend. We had the pleasure of camping with visitors from all walks of life and were graced with the presence of guest speaker Rev. Chester and Mrs Verna King from Langley, Canada. Other delegates in attendance were Bro Gary and Sister Christy Riler from USA, The Johansen’s from Norway, many delegates from other parts of the world especially Nigeria and Europe. We equally welcome some our annual camping friends and visitors from Mid Wales. Pastor Adigun read out good will messages from many well-wishers including the General Superintendent Rev. Darrel Lee and District Superintendents from various parts of Africa who wished us all God’s blessings and protection for this special meeting of God’s people.

In between spiritual messages, the young Campers enjoyed many of the usual yearly fun events throughout the week such as, bible bowl, YCC, nursery club, football, table tennis, snooker, BBQ, video shows, slope skating, hill hike, walking club, first timers and visitors from abroad reception, sight seeing and shopping. At this year’s Choir Reception, choir members ceased the opportunity to say goodbye to one of their dear choir members Bro. Tope Idowu who will be migrating to America soon after the camp meeting. There were also new events such “Singspiration” which was an evening of songs by the Combined church Choir and Orchestra with special guidance from music Director Bro Gary Riler. It was at this event that Pastor Adigun presented gifts on behalf of the choir and all campers to show our appreciation to our special guests Rev and Mrs King and Mr and Mrs Riler and on Saturday the 31st July campers joined Mr and Mrs Riler over dinner to celebrate and to thank God for their 17th wedding anniversary.

By Wednesday the 28th July 2010, there was a spirit of relief and victory around the camp site as campers started to answer to, “It shall be well” with “It is well”. The website team hosted the re-launch of the AFM (UK) Interactive Website, which now hosts a variety of new and enhanced web pages. The user friendly site has lots of new functionality. There was great interest from those present, especially teenagers and young adults. Pastor Adigun reported on some of the messages he continued to receive via his email i.e. from China & Nigeria and he gave special thanks to the children of God who ensured the smooth delivery of the website with their tireless dedication and also those who pledged their interest in volunteering their expertise.

Prayer Meetings were held each morning in the main auditorium between 6-7am Monday-Saturday. These meetings gave campers a chance to give God thanks and praises for all he has done and continues to do for them. They had a chance to summit confidential prayer request which were read out and then prayed over. There was Sunday school for all ages on both Sundays and campers were placed in different classrooms around the main building according to their age. There were daily Bible Teachings at 10am daily covering different topic. (Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, It shall be well, Holiness in Action, Consecration, Nevertheless what does the Bible say?)Campers then have a free period for themselves, group activities or prayer time. Meal times were an hour with lunch been served at 12.30 and dinner at 6pm. Revival and Evangelistic Services started at 8pm each evening and although every second of the camp meeting was truly blessed, it was at these meetings that the presence of God was most powerful and evident. The altars came alive as many souls were touched, from those seeking salvation, sanctification and the baptism of Holy Ghost and Fire, healing and answers to all sorts of problems. This year, we witnessed special outpouring of the Holy Spirit with many including a majority of youths seeking God’s blessing and many having their prayers answered. The Ordinance service was held on Saturday the 31st July 2010, at 2:30pm later that day the Baptism Service was held outside the main auditorium and this year saw the introductions of the uniformed white robe worn by this year’s, 11 water baptism candidates. That was specially touching, with the total submission (symbolising death with Christ) and raising back up (symbolising raising from the death with Christ).

As the camp meeting came to an end, Pastor Adigun thanked the camp meeting organising team for all their hard work organising the camp meeting and announced that although many campers had expressed their wish for the Camp Meeting to be prolonged it would not be possible this year. Nevertheless, God works in mysterious ways and those campers had their prayers answered because on Sunday the 1st August 2010 after we said our goodbyes and boarded our coaches dispatched for different UK destinations, one of the coaches had a flat tyre. We all decided to wait until it was replaced and what a priceless 2 hours of songs and fellowship it was. As we vacated the campground there was the assurance that all campers would now go “FORWARD” because by God’s Grace “IT IS WELL”. Amen
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Camp Meeting 2010
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