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Visit to Paris

Pastor and France New Leader
By Jose Wright
Our group had the pleasure to welcome Rev. Isaac Adigun and his wife Stella from London. They arrived in Paris on Thursday 30th September 2010.

On Friday, we had the occasion to gather at the church for prayer meeting. It started at 7pm. Brother José conducted the meeting and gave prayer requests on the following points: God presence and anointing in our next services, unity and love in the group, revival in the city and in the church, growth of the group, gift and arrival of new talents for the group as well as God’s help and power to solve each member’s problems and difficulties. We all went on our knees to present these request to our God who answers prayers. After the meeting, the pastor and his wife had the privilege look round and inspect in details our new place of worship.

On Sunday, the whole group met at 10.30am. for Sunday meetings which started with Sunday school. We studied about Gideon’s army which defeated their enemies. Sister Stella taught the lesson using discussion and participative method to bring out life applications. For instance, one must fight for complete and not partial victory, obedience to our leaders, faith in God, influence of soft answers, and the fact that, most often, God uses weak instrumentalities to accomplish His purpose. We all went on our knees to pray after the lesson.

The devotional service followed with some inspiring congregational songs and after the prayer and the announcement, Sister Patricia rendered a solo “Just as I am” by W. Bradbury, before the sermon by the pastor. Taken his text from Daniel 6:18-30, the sermon focused on our individual spiritual position before God. We have had many opportunities to listen to the word of God, and we have to apply it to our life and keep it. If not, we will not balance in the God’s scale. We were encouraged not to behave like the son of Nebuchadnezzar who dare to despise God’s warnings. We were also admonished not to follow the example of the children of Israel during the judges’ period. They were repeatedly backsliding and then repent. The sermon highlighted the fact that Jesus could come at any time and we should have our scale well balanced before God, we should have our sins forgiven. The congregation was touched as many poured out their hearts to the Lord during the altar service that followed.

After the service, we organized a short celebration because two brothers including the pastor were having their birthday. It was a nice time of fellowship and refreshment. To conclude, we had a meeting with all the children of God in the group. The pastor started with appreciation for the progress of the work and encourage us to keep it up. We had a good time of discussion along with references from the word of God and everyone gained from the meeting. The meeting ended by the appointment of Brother Mattheiu Bobo as the new coordinator for the group.
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Visit to Paris 30th September 2010
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