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A Piece of Heaven at Midwest Camp

Nestled amongst lofty trees and peaceful waters is a place unlike any other. Stepping onto the grounds of this year's Midwest camp, one could sense the anticipation of hungry hearts. Revival was in the air, and everyone could feel it.

As we gathered together for the “kick-off”—Wednesday morning teaching—Reverend Bob Downey reminded us that we need to have a spiritual hunger. This theme continued into the young people's meeting where we learned about not putting off consecrations. That evening the visitors from the Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, church led the testimonies, and their choir, which was so large they could not all fit on the platform, sang, “Lead Me, Lord.” Reverend Earl Phillips then brought the message on personal responsibility for revival.

On Thursday morning the congregation gathered together to pray for Edwin Reid, from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, who was listening over the telephone. He had been very sick and in the hospital for about two months, but the Lord undertook and he went home before Midwest camp was over.

Reverend Charles Schleicher then proceeded to teach us about how we can live a “pure religion” every day. In the young people's meeting, Richie Ho gave a humorous, yet serious, message on being a real man or woman for the Lord. As we gathered to pray that evening, one could tell hearts were earnestly seeking and primed for what was to come next.

“Don't run from reality!” was the topic of Reverend Mark Staller's Friday morning Bible teaching. Both young and old alike were challenged by the question, “If we really believe a good God is the Creator and sustainer of all that exists, why would we want to escape reality?” Each meeting continued to build on the previous one, and the young people were challengundefineded once again to have a spiritual vision, one that won't be lost when hard times come. Hearts were being stirred as young people tarried around the altar, skipping dinner and the evening activities to pray.

Entering the chapel on Friday evening, it was clear there were hearts ready to receive. The Spirit of the Lord moved throughout the entire meeting and when it was time to pray, it didn't take long for the blessings to fall. The altar service continued for over three hours, in what turned out to be an incredible prayer meeting. Many people received reanointings, at least one was saved, and another received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Lord was in our midst!

On Saturday morning, six girls and three boys were baptized in water. In the evening, Reverend Randy Baltzell brought the message on having a purpose for the Gospel. The amazing prayer meeting which started had the night before continued. At least two received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and one was sanctified. The prayer meeting lasted until the wee hours of the morning, and it was evident that the Spirit of the Lord was changing hearts and lives. undefined

Sunday morning was bittersweet as Reverend Kerby Thompson preached his last sermon as a Midwest pastor. Later, the young people were reminded to keep their eyes on Jesus. During the evening meeting, it was obvious the seekers just wanted to pray. Reverend Karen Storey cut her message short as the power of the Lord began to fall. The prayer service lasted for several hours and the young people did not want to leave the altars.

Early Monday morning, after a delicious breakfast, preparations were made to leave the camp. Hugs and smiles were mixed with tearful goodbyes. As the charter bus and other vehicles packed full of campers drove away, it was clear to all in attendance we had experienced a piece of Heaven.

By Angela Rudolph

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