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Women’s Conference 2012

Apostolic Faith Mission, UK . Women’s Conference 2012

Venue: Apostolic Faith, 95 Fenham Road London SE15 1AE

Date: 17th March 2012


God wonderfully blessed the annual Women’s Conference of the Apostolic Faith Mission for 2012. Delegates for the conference came mainly from Bristol, Manchester and London.  The delegates loved the ambience and the atmosphere created by the buntings, sporting flags from some of the countries that make up our multicultural congregation, and the music playing gently in the background. The title of the music, “Together we will stand”, resonated with the theme of this year’s conference: Unity in Diversity.

Sister Kofo Ladeinde led the conference in singing some choruses after an opening prayer by Sis. Florence Owolabi to mark formally open the session.  There then followed a short “ice-breaker” which featured a “get to know each other” activity. The delegates had to choose an unfamiliar person, spend a short time to discover at least three things about them and then relay the information on their new friend to the whole conference without referring to notes! It was fun. Everyone got to talk to each other and also got to find out something new about delegates they were not familiar with when the conference opened.

Rev. Isaac Adigun, the pastor, was addressed the conference delegates. During his address he introduced the theme of the conference and offered an admonition about what should be the learning objectives for the day.  He advised the women in attendance that whatever gems of knowledge was gained should reflect in their attitudes at home, bringing huge benefits to the home and improving relationships with each other and their spouses and children.   He introduced a video clip about a married couple that learnt to overcome their differences as they sought to improve their marriage.

Sister Stella Adigun reviewed some of the ideas discussed during the 2011 women’s conference. She noted that the salient points raised during these conferences should never be thrown away but used to build foundations for a better future.

Sister Funmi Ajayi, introducing the focus of this year’s conference, ‘Unity in Diversity’, discussed the meaning of ‘diversity’ and the different types of diversity operating within our congregation.  The different classes of diversity mentioned include age, choices, circumstances and prosperity.  Bible references used to buttress some of the points were: Romans 14: 13-14, I Corinthians 12:28, John 9: 2-3 and James 2: 1-9.

Sister Stella Adigun moderated the discussion about gender diversity, i.e. is the differences between men and women.  It was an exciting time as the women, both married and single, discussed the diversities between the men in their lives whether they are husbands, brothers or colleagues at work.  These diversities were compared with the make-up of women and the potential consequences of these differences were noted.  

The conference then moved on to discuss how individual delegates had been able to manage these differences with the males in their lives so that those who were struggling with situations could learn coping strategies from those who had successfully managed them.  

The most significant differences were identified in the areas of communications, emotions, decision-making, home making and general attitude.  Conference also discussed possible solutions to identified problems. Some of the solutions include patience, being ready to apologise whether at fault or not, total commitment to the marriage, seeking self-improvement rather than insisting on a change in the husband, not arguing in front of the children, not allowing a misunderstanding to continue beyond 24 hours and finally, prayer.

A sumptuous meal was laid on for lunch. It was really a great feast, which featured Caribbean cuisine.

There was a second session after lunch and it began with choruses led by Sister Comfort Akaka.   The delegates had opportunities during this session to expand earlier discussions with special emphasis on what they could do to bring more enjoyment into their marriage.

Sister Emah Itang rounded up the conference with a session on unity.  She described unity as an understanding of the differences between us and others and being prepared to make allowances for such differences.  Sister Analia Okusanya demonstrated the idea of unity using food.  She explained that different ingredients go into the making of a cake to make it wholesome, sweet, tasty, delicious and nutritious.  

Samples of food from different cultures were on display to portray how diverse we are even in the manner of food preparation and presentation.  Sister Itang added that as a body of Christ, we know we are diverse in choice, age, sex, prosperity and personality, but we can and should work together in unity just as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost are one in the Godhead. 

Rev. Adigun closed this year’s conference with a short word of admonition to the delegates to be united, forbearing one another, patient, understanding and tolerant of one another.  We then went on our knees to pray for help from above to enable all of us become doers of the word.

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