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Ireland Campaign 2013

We thank God for another time of victory at the Apostolic Faith Ireland  Musical Evangelism 2013.

Just like the previous years, the district superintendent  Rev. Isaac and his wife, Stella Adigun with some members of the Apostolic Faith Choir and Orchestra UK came to support the work of God and the spread of the gospel in Ireland through musical evangelism. They were welcome at the airport and straight to the venue to set up for the evening revival service and then to the hotel for Lunch.

Prayer was held in the evening before the service to bring down the power of God. The theme for this year’s musical evangelism was captioned GOD IS HERE where God asked everyone to come and lay down the burdens they have carried.

The evening revival started with the congregation singing a few choruses. ‘He is here, Hallelujah’ became the prominent chorus for the evening when everybody was enjoined to learn the song and sing it from time to time during the revival service. The choir gave special renditions to water our appetite for the first evening. The peak of the night was the testimony time where children of God gave very inspiring testimonies to assure us that God is real and that He answers prayers.

God in His wonderful plan spoke through His servant that He is real with reference to the relationship of Elijah with God.  Rev Adigun spoke on making God the centre of our life so as to approach God with confidence as Elijah did. God is overlooking the time of ignorance but now commanding everyone to repent so as for Him to be real in our lives.

An alter call was made for people to come and pray at the altar. Almost everyone present in the congregation came to the altar to pray. It was an awesome time.


On the second day the first session started at 12pm. It was tagged ‘A TIME TO STUDY / WORSHIP’. The Sunday school children of the Apostolic faith Ireland group opened the program with a short prelude. Emmanuel played and sang a worship song on the piano; this was followed by a violin trio with Precious, Jennifer and Debby. The children’s choir rounded up with ‘Draw me close to you’. Bro Godwin Okusanya led us in the study on “Paul’s sermon on Mars Hill” from the book of Acts 17.

 He spoke on many ways God can use us to reach out to the world if we allow Him to lead us even in the midst of opposition. He said there are many opportunities that God will open for us and there will be a strategy for each opportunity as He did in the life of Paul.  At end of the study we all went down on our knees to pray that God will help us to realise and obey when He is leading us.

Some of the visitors at the afternoon service had lunch with us and waited behind for the evening of music which commenced at 4pm.

The evening of music program on Sunday was directed by Rev Adigun. There were lots of special renditions, choir and orchestra performances and more testimonies. We were greatly blessed. The evening did not pass without a word of exultation.  Bro Godwin sang ’Dry bones’ to complement the sermon. Rev Adigun read from the book of Ezekiel 33 where God raised up dry bones into an exceeding great army of the Lord. He declared from the word of Go d that there is no hopeless situation with God.

The choir and orchestra bid us farewell that evening to fly back to London. We are grateful to God for His faithfulness.  Our utmost prayer is that the Lord will use this program to reach out to the people of Ireland. Please continue to pray for the progress of the gospel work and that God will water all the efforts of His people.

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Ireland Campaign 2013
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