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Troyes visit 2013


Troyes Groupunday 3rd June 2013 was a special day of worship with Troyes group in France. Many people had been invited to be part of our service as a way of introducing them to our mode of worship. We are thankful to God for His presence during the service and appreciate the presence of our guests. The room was filled with about forty-five people in attendance including children. The service started at 10 am with inspiring congregational songs, which drew us heavenwards and prepared hearts for what was to follow. Sunday school followed afterwards, with Bro. J. Wright teaching the children a lesson, which spoke about Elijah in the midst of famine. This wonderful lesson taught how God is always ready to take care of His children in whatever circumstances they found themselves. However this would only occur if there is faithful obedience as shown by Elijah. The children showed rapt attention during the lessons, indicating how interesting they found it and the listening adults enjoyed it as well. The combined junior and senior lesson was based on Paul's sermon on Mars' hill at the high court of wisdom in Athens.  The leader of the work in France, Bro Mathieu Bobo taught the lesson. He emphasised the importance of being ready to meet the Judge of all the earth, Jesus-Christ. The centerpiece of Paul's message in his sermon is that God is calling all men to repentance for their salvation, so as to escape final condemnation. The lesson also taught the importance of being faithful in our work just like the apostle Paul. Regardless of persecutions or other obstacles, Jesus Christ will ensure victory if we are faithful to His work. Sunday school was followed by the devotional service. The choir's performance was thrilling and this encouraged the congregation to sing heartily too. Bro Bobo delivered the message and reminded the congregation about the importance of being a real child of God if we want to be assured of God's care. He noted that being called child of God means that God has justified us and assured those present that God was ready this very day to choose more children among us if only we would open up our heart to Him. Those who already have this assurance of justification were encouraged to move on to sanctification and the third definite experience of the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Everyone was called to check his stand before God and pray to the Lord for grace. At the altar, people prayed to God fervently.   There was a time of refreshment and fellowship when the service ended.
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Troyes visit 2013
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