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Couples Conference 2014



This years' annual couples' conference was held in Birmingham on 8th November. Participants came from across the UK mainland but there were also some international delegates from France and Ireland.

Registration of delegates started at 10 a.m. as participants arrived, followed by an "ice-breaker" tea/coffee session, which allowed the exchange of pleasantries before the meeting started.



Bro. Adeyemi from Dublin opened the conference with a short prayer. Rev. Isaac Adigun opened the session. Just before discussions started in earnest, there was a moment of reflection on the theme of the 2013 conference, which centered on Biblical Parenting. This was an excellent vehicle that took delegates into the core of the 2014 theme: "2 working together as 1".
To explore the theme, attending couples were given an article to review with the instruction that they should come up with salient points from the article that would enhance marital relationships in line with God's foundational plan of two becoming one as shown in Genesis 2:24.

Delegates were separated into same gender groups to ruminate on the characteristics of "oneness in marriage". This "oneness" was carefully examined through different real life experiences of the participating delegates. The diverse experiences shared in each group were so rich that participants began to understand and appreciate the beauty of two being one. This first session of the conference ended with a lunch break.



After lunch, the couples came back together to collaborate on identifying potential problems that could affect two becoming one, offering solutions to overcome them. To achieve this, there was a feedback session from different groups the result of which is shown below:

Men's feedback: Male Delegates
**Doing things jointly
**Sharing the same room/bed
**Planning family finance together
**Trusting one's partner
**No third party involvement.
**Making love

Women's feedback: Female delegates
**Finance and compromise
**Knowing the right time to communicate
** Lifestyle differences (meals)
** Not nagging
**Making love
**Learning Hospitability
**Being Submissive
**Tidyness issues
** Managing extended family relationship

The feedback session used three approaches, which are; one to one, syndicate groups, and group discussion. The one to one enabled each couple to share key issues related to them while the syndicate groups' session was a platform where selected issues from the first session were discussed among small groups of couples. The third group was a forum where representatives from the different syndicate groups shared the resolutions and offered solutions to the larger groups.

Making love seemed to take centre stage in the discussions and generated the most heat. It was agreed that many issues would be amicably resolved if couples were sexually satisfied and one does not defraud the other. Emphasis was laid on the danger of involving a third party in the union, although it was recognised that there could be "good" third parties, like our spiritual leaders who are Spirit-filled. Such leaders would, through prayer and counselling, guide us aright in most difficult situations on this marital pilgrimage.

The conference came to an end with a prayer session, which had husbands praying for their wives while the wives also prayed for their husbands.

Forty-six couples attended this conference, which was brought to a close by Rev Adigun and rounded off with everyone sharing the Grace together. All the delegates went home with huge smiles and impromptu camera sessions.             Report by: Sade Opeifa

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