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Paris Revival report March 2015

Report of Paris Revival March 20th - 22th

The weekend of 20th to 22nd March revivals occurred in Paris church. On Saturday 21st March, we had the pleasure to welcome 11 brethren from London, our UK and Western Europe headquarters to assist us.
The event started Friday evening on the theme: "He changes the times and the circumstances (Daniel 2:21)". The service opened with choir songs and praises. It was inspiring and it encouraged the congregation to sing enthusiastically during the congregational singing, before the sermon was delivered. Bro. Jean Sossa spoke from Ezekiel 37:1-6 and invited the believers to look to the One who can change times and circumstances. He reminded us that Jesus Christ is the only one able to do so. We were encouraged to give our life to Him because human faith are in His hands. (Acts 4:12).  The sermon was touching sermon and people prayed fervently after the altar call.

The second service took place on Saturday morning. This time the theme was "Prayer"! The choir songs focused on the prayer theme and it gave joy to the hearts of the congregation. The Bible teaching that followed was given by Bro. Jose Wright and it focused on the value of prayer.

 Bro. Jose recalled the foundation of a good prayer based on the example given by Jesus in Luke 11:1-4. He the

n encouraged the people to pray according to the S

pirit (Ephesians 6:18) and to persevere in it with faith (Luke 18:6-9). He concluded by emphasizing the importance of praying through to victory. Many prayed to Jesus at the altars after the sermon.
At 5:30pm on Saturday evening, a mini musical concert was staged the combined choirand orchestra, made of London and Paris choires.  The church was almost full with 66 people in attendance. This music time was really emotional with such a variety offered. 
The songs were very inspiring and made the congregation reflect a lot. Wonderful instrumental pieces also featured.  The Lord Jesus-Christ was indeed honored and praised! At the end of the concert, the Pastor (Bro. Matthieu Bobo) encouraged the people to go beyond the nice melodies and consider the offer Jesus was making to receive the experiences of justification, sanctification and Holy-Ghost baptism! 
The concert ended on the famous Halleluiah Chorus by Handel Messiah.; after which everyone were invited to pray.
On Sunday, the last day of the revival, 63 people gat

hered in church. The presence of the Holy Spirit could be felt from the very start! The main Sunday school class was facilitated by Sister Funke Idowu from our London church. 
The study focused on the victory of Esther and Mordechai over their murderer enemy, Haman.  Their amazing victory demonstrated the importance of a faithful life to God along with prayer and most of all, the ability of God to change circumstances! 
The morning sermon which was the climax of the devotional service was delivered byBrother Ola Balogun from our London church. Bro. Ola reminded us of God's providence to fulfill His will.  He emphasized on how it is important to remain at the center of God's plan to receive blessings! (Esther 4:14). 

Here is the core of the message: "In your life, God arranged the circumstances for a time like this, for

what you're going through, even for your presence at the service today! Be sure to respond to His call!"  The fervent prayer session that followed at the altar, revealed the work of the Holy Spirit on hearts.

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