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Thursday bible teaching
God's plumbline: the divine standard'

Following a variety of music renditions, there were several testimonies from delegates from Portland, Nigeria and Belgium.

Sister Val from Portland thanked God for being brought up in a Christian home where she eventually gave her life to Christ. She thanked God for journey mercies as she doesn't like flying but a day before she left to come to London, UK God gave her peace and she enjoyed her flight.

A sister from Belgium thanked God for his protection ever since she left Nigeria. Despite being in a place with no church, parents or siblings - God has been faithful. His healing power came through when she had two bike accidents.

There were also several testimonies from delegates from Nigeria where they thanked God for their salvation, spouses, children and grandchildren.

The sermon was preached by Rev Adigun titled ‘ God's plumbline: the divine standard'. In the building trade a plumbline is used check the foundation or structure of a building. For us the Word of God - the bible is the plumbline God has put in place for us. God always gives us an opportunity to check ourselves against the bible.

Just like hotels have a standard i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 star rating; we as Christians should have a standard. To get a 5-star rating there is certain criteria that must be met. We can be 5-star Christians is we measure ourselves against the standard of the bible.

Heaven is only for those that will measure up to this divine standard.

Matthew 5:20 encourages us to move higher. God is going to check, try and assess us against the standard He has set.

Despite the changes in society, if our standard of Christian living is based on the bible it will never change.

We should also follow God's standard regarding restitution, our appearance, marriage - till death do us part. Isaiah 28: 16-17 says if we have a sure foundation and take a stand God will stand by us.

Let us look into our lives and be sure we are measuring up to His divine standard.

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