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Leicester Group Inaugural Meeting

We thank God for the success of our first Sunday service on 12 February 2017, as the branch of Apostolic Faith Mission UK, Leicester. 
Seven years ago, the original Leicester group joined other brethren from the West Midland area when a church building was purchased in Birmingham. It has been a blessing to worship at that grand site and the number of members have grown.
    However, the journey has been challenging literally. Commuting to Birmingham from the East Midlands became more difficult, and there was a consensus that a branch in Leicester was once again needed. 
        God helped us to start, with 22 adults and 11 children in attendance. Praise God! The service was conducted by the District Superintendent of the work in Europe, Rev. Isaac Adigun, and his wife Stella. We began at 10am and had as it were two Sunday school classes in one: one for the children under 13, and one for everybody else. Sister Stella led the children in a few choruses such as 'If you're happy and you know it". Actions songs are always fun. 
        She then asked them what they had for breakfast? Toast seemed to be popular. This was all leading to the next question which was, "would you like to eat from a dirty plate?" The answer was clearly NO, and in the same way our hearts need to be clean. To have a clean heart we must be born again, and Sister Stella went on to read from John 3 were Nicodemus came to Jesus asking about that very thing. The children's lesson ended with the chorus "Into my heart", a simple yet sincere prayer of salvation. 
            After singing some songs from our hymn book Sacred Songs and Solos, and an opening prayer, Brother Isaac came forward to teach/facilitate the adult lesson titled 'Water, Manna and Quails'. It continues our series of lessons on the children of Israel's journey from being slaves to inheriting the land promised to them by God centuries earlier, and focuses on how they reacted to being in need.  Though they had witnessed the power of God in delivering them from the Egyptians and leading them through the Red Sea, the Israelites murmured against Moses and blamed him, even expressing a preference towards their time in Egypt as slaves. 
       Moses, the faithful servant of God took the problem to God, who once again miraculously provides for His people. We start to see a pattern in that once the miracle has past the Israelites return to a state of unbelief and murmuring, and there are many life lessons that we can learn from them. Brother Isaac led us into discussion of those lessons as we read potions of the bible text. Some of the points were: understanding that sometimes in life we go through "palm trees in the desert"-like experiences, which may be followed by "bitter waters"; the importance of having a personal relationship with God, not relying on that of our leaders.
            We were all blessed by the discussion, and the Sunday school was very relevant. Not that attending church in Birmingham was a wilderness experience, but it was relevant in that periods of being in need are a part of life, and how we approach and relate to God should be just as humble and trusting as in the good times. This can be hard at times, and we believe that God is faithful and will help us if we ask.  
 Following the service we went into a time of social fellowship. We are grateful to all those who helped in providing various good foods: the rice, the potatoes, the chicken, the fish, the sausages, the vegetable stew,  all the lovely food. We really had a wonderful time today, and we believe and pray it will be a blessing in all our meetings , more especially we are looking unto God for souls to be saved, sanctified and baptised by the holy ghost and fire, by the special grace of God. God bless you all! 
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