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Ireland Easter Retreat April 2017

Arrival at Dublin airportRev. Michael and Florence Owolabi were warmly welcome at Dublin Airport on Friday night the 14th of April 2017 bro & sister Adeyemi and were lodged overnight in their home. 

The following day Saturday the 15th of April 2017 we travelled for about 2 hours to Belfast with the entire family of our host to join the brethren for the retreat. The service was conducted in the house of Bro & Sis Vivian & Ezekiel Ogundipe with everyone excitedly participating with enthusiasm; Emanuel help with the little keyboard while his sister, Debbie Adeyemi assisted with her violin. Debbie gave us a lovely inspiring violin solo while the audience could not hold it but gave her rounds of applause.
Sister Florence taught us the retreat material, and we had a very good and cooperative audience, even though the lesson lasted about 90 minutes all together people were not bored and we all had a worthwhile prayer time at the end before we went for the lunch. We were 14 in attendance but felt like we were in hundreds because of the presence of God in the meeting was like in the upper room on the Pentecost day, as we prayed together as if that will be last time we would ever had the chance to pray. 
Afterwards, the lunch was provided by our Belfast host, with varieties of English, Irish and Mexican combination.   The fellowship was as great as the worship because the discussion about the lesson continued and other biblical points came up as well, and God blessed our meeting with His presence; we hope that the ministry of AFM shall be established in Belfast very soon by the grace of God. 

EASTER RETREAT IN DUBLIN- The Sunday worship started at 11:30 am with some choruses directed by one of the boys, then an Easter congregational with an opening prayer before we commence on Sunday school class by Sister Florence, who took us through the search lesson 31 in unit 3, titled 'He lives'. 
The attendance was about 15 people when we started, but was increasing at every 10-15 minutes; everyone in the class participated with keen interest, and an Irish lady - Sister Rose, took a more active role as she was contributing, by reading and answering questions freely and regularly; also, her husband and their two sons were actively involved in the lesson as well, and before the end of the Sunday school class we knew we had a very good and positive audience. We had about 5-10 minutes' prayer break before the devotional service or let's say 'Easter retreat service' started. 
The retreat started with an organ prelude, violin duet - whispering hope  by Debbie & Precious Adeyemi and two choir songs: He arose, I'll have a new life then a duet 'I have a wonderful saviour', before the congregational song - 'Christ the Lord is risen today CGS 309; thereafter we had the opening prayers then the outlines as given from London was used for the retreat completely omitting only item 4 as directed. 
The response was very great and when we would have stopped the people started coming in increasingly until our hall became full; I was told the attendance was between 40 to 45 by the end of the lesson.  We had the last congregational song, closing prayer and everyone went on their kneels to pray including all the visitors. 
It was very encouraging to see several people turning up because the people invited did not come but God brought the uninvited to attend the meeting; it was a privilege for us to be in the attendance of people who are longing to know more of God in this present world, and may God satisfy their thirst.
 The area of concerns is that the land is fertile for the gospel but labourers are few and limited in what they could do hence they are getting overworked, but if God can make it possible for our headquarters in London to get some assistance to them i.e helping hands like the musicians, ministers and teachers to apply flavour to their presentations and teachings their coast might easily get enlarged and a church building may eventually be required to contain them.  
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