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Bristol / Cardiff Evangelistic Outreach Visit

Saturday 10th February 2018

I arrived Cardiff around 4pm on Saturday and Bro. Thomas Moyo, the leader of the Bristol / Cardiff, picked me up from the coach station. We both straightaway visited a Zimbabwe couple that evening who lived locally in Cardiff. The husband is a friend of Bro. Moyo for many years. The wife's mum is a member of the Apostolic Faith in Zimbabwe. The couple promised to attend the church meeting the following day with one or two of their 3 sons. Afterwards we both travelled to Newport to visit a Romanian family, that came to London on Christmas Eve to attend the Christmas Sunday service and watched the children's Christmas programme in the evening. We prayed for the mum who was under the weather and for one of her daughters who was sick also. They were keen to attend the church meeting the following day and Bro. Moyo planned to pick them up.
  Sunday 11th February 2018 
We thank God for His presence during the meetings. 18 in total attended the morning meeting at Cardiff including 12 adults and 6 children. We used a local community hall, about 7 minutes' walk from Bro. Moyo's home. It was hired for 4 hours. The visitors included the Romanian Family and the Zimbabwe couple we visited yesterday.
The meeting started at 10:30am with a few opening songs and then the children Sunday school sessions. Bro. Moyo taught both the answer and primary pal classes and there was good participation from the children. The children then went apart to be engaged in activities related to their Sunday school. We then had a combined extended Sunday School session and treated the lesson of the week, Balak and Balaam which cantered around Numbers 22:1-41. I facilitated the class and there was good participation from both regulars and visitors. A short round up was given at the end of the lesson before the altar call. 
We all spent some time in prayers before fellowshipping around a sumptuous meal. Both the Zimbabwe couple and Romanian Family expressed their delight and heartfelt satisfaction in attending our church meeting. They both were asking when the next meeting would be and strongly indicated their willingness to come again. We believe there are good indications that the work in Cardiff / Bristol would grow. I understand there are at least two other families living around the Cardiff vicinity that have shown interest in attending the Apostolic Faith, although they could not make it today. The group is currently actively looking for a facility to hire for Sunday meetings and solicit our prayers. I left back for London by train at 4:20pm. ....................Rev.Ola BALOGUN
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