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Republic of Ireland musical evangelism 2018

Glory to God for another victorious musical evangelism weekend in the Republic of Ireland. The choir team from our United Kingdom headquarters was led by Rev. Francis Odudu from the Bexley branch church. Arrival for the 2018 victory program began on the 18th of May and others arrived on the 19th early enough before the commencement of the program.

The first day of the event was held in our usual meeting place but in the bigger hall for a change. The evening opened with a session of chorus singing and the hymn: "My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood" by Edward Mote. There were several choir and orchestration renditions, instrumental solos, duets, male quartet performances and a vocal solo by sis Stella - 'My help' beautifully arranged to grace the evening of music.  
There was congregational singing and testimonies session on victory over sin before Bro. Victor Idowu of our Manchester branch rounded up the evening with a short sermon on "A Glorious New Life." He made reference to some men in the Bible such as Zacchaeus, Jabez and the man at the pool of Bethesda reading from John 5:5-8, who had encounter with God to experience a glorious new life.
He extended the invitation to a glorious new life to the audience which brought everyone to their knees to pray.    
The program ended with the choir singing 'A glorious new life' as people were being encouraged to pray. At the end of the evening meeting there was opportunity to meet and greet, interacting with one another over some refreshments. We had over 40 people in attendance on the first day Preparation for the next day meeting continued through the night as we went back to our accommodation. 
By 9:15 am, our team was ready to depart to Clondalkin Christian Centre who are hosting the Sunday meeting. We were welcome by the group as we arrived in their meeting hall about 10.15am.  
After setting up, we went on our knees to pray for the presence of God in our meeting. The program was opened at a few minutes after 11am by the leader of the Clondalkin Christian Centre group with an opening session of praise and worship after which our team leader, Bro Francis Odudu was introduced by Sister Nike Adeyemi, the leader of our Church in the Republic of Ireland. 
Bro Francis introduced the choir team from the UK and the program for the day before handing over to the choir. Bro Victor Idowu played London Derry on his Bassoon, Bro. Ebenezer Amusa played a 'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus' in variation as viola solo. 
The male quartet featured 'It's really surprising what the Lord can do' in combination with 'Christ is the answer'. 
The audience showed their appreciation for the Choir and Orchestra presentation with intermittent applause. The congregation also sang before some of the brethren shared their testimonies of victory over sin and various answered prayers. Bro Francis thereafter gave the word of exaltation speaking on 'Help from Above' which is readily available when we look unto Jesus. 
He emphasised that the root of the problem in the life of man is sin, and that only Jesus can help us to overcome sin. Bro Francis implored the congregation to seek help from God in simple faith, citing the book of John 12:32. He emphasized the need to look up to Jesus for help just like the children of Israel were asked to look at the serpent that Moses hanged on the tree in the wilderness. 
He buttressed the need for everyone to seek help from God by sharing his personal testimony of how God gave him victory over sin and sickness. 
The sermon was rounded up with an altar call that saw people go on their knees to seek God as the choir sang an invitation song. A number of people thereafter came forward to request prayers in line with God's injunction in James 5:13-15. There were over 50 people in attendance on the second day. 
Testimonies abound on both days and afterwards. The son of one of our brothers who had just relocated his family from Zimbabwe to Ireland came back to church on Saturday for the first time after surgery. An invitee on the same day wrote, 'thanks for inviting me, I was really blessed'. 
After the Sunday meeting, a couple said they were "really touched and blessed to hear the old-time hymns once again". Another lady wrote "I want to thank you for a fantastic morning; I was truly blessed by the singing and preaching. May the Lord bless you all". One of our young men who had been applying for work in Ireland for a while, being an immigrant and had been declined many times just got a job offer 2 days after the victory program.
It was such a blessed time indeed. Our prayer is that God will continue to water what He has started in the Republic of Ireland and win many more souls for His Kingdom, and give us many more testimonies of victory.  
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Ireland Musical Evangelism 2018
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