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Apostolic Faith Ireland end of year 2018 special meeting

The Apostolic Faith Church, Ireland end of year 2018 special meeting 
tagged 'The fountain of Life' was held on 17th and 18th November. 
As part of the revival program, the first day was a youth forum held on Saturday 17th November in order to use the opportunity to inspire the youths to seek their Christian experiences and get connected to the Fountain of Life.
 It was the first ever Youth Forum for our branch.This event started at about 4pm with an opening prayer led by Brother Tobe; he then gave a brief introduction to open the stage for the event. We were then led in choruses by Sister Debbie, which was concluded with prayers. 
The youth choir presented a song titled 'Waterfall', which was aimed at reminding us of the love of God. We then had a violin duet presentation by Debbie and Precious, followed by a solo presentation titled 'Ocean' by Precious Adeyemi accompanying herself on the piano. 
Youth choir then rounded that session with a song titled 'Chain Breaker' to encourage the congregation that Jesus can break any chain and He is also a way Maker.
Moving to the climax of the event, we had a talk show anchored by Tobe and Precious. 
During this talk show questions were asked and answered around the theme of the programme 'The Fountain of Life'. The answers provided were presented in a manner that related Bible teachings to youths daily living. 
Tobe had the opportunity to give his testimony of victory over circumstances of life as imparted by his relationship and connection to the Fountain of life. After this there was another song ministration by the youth choir titled 'Reckless love' - another song about the love of God for mankind. Approaching the end of the programme, the guest minister, Bro Francis Odudu, the Regional Director of our work in Mainland Europe, gave an exhortation to answer one of the questions that was asked during the talk show around 'how can a youth grow spiritually?'. He provided Biblical insights about the importance of prayers, studying God's word, attending church meetings and making restitution, in spiritual growth. 
He supported his word of encouragement with his own personal testimony and that of other young believers. At the end of this session, he had the opportunity to pray for the youths and led them in an altar call to those who wanted to be saved and be connected to the Fountain of life. 
We had about 31 individuals in attendance.
The second day, Sunday 18th 
    We started with our Sunday school lesson on the topic 'Worthy is the Lamb' taught by Sis. Christiana Ola-Odudu. The atmosphere was full of appreciation to God for sending His only Son. The Sunday school ended with the way Jesus gave Himself sacrificially because of His love for mankind. A short prayer session held before the start of the service. The Orchestra opened with 'Ring the bells of heaven' followed by the choir singing 'Worthy, Worthy, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain'.
 Thereafter we had congregational singing, prayer and announcements. Bro Demola Adeyemi gave the testimony of his conversion after wandering into the world as a young man. Even though he was born in a christian home, that did not make him a Christian until he yielded his life to God and began a personal relationship with Him. He recounted the blessings of God which brought hope and fulfilment to his life. Bro Washington sang the special, 'Fill my cup Lord' before the word of exhortation by Bro.Francis. 
While he took his opening text from Ecclesiastes 12:1-8, his sermon titled, "A Case of Two Beggars" was based on the story of Lazarus and the rich man in Luke 16:19 - 30. 
 He said people might look down on Christians in this world as people who are wretched and poor; saying that whatever a Christian might pass through here on earth is only for a little while because Heaven beckons with far better rewards. He further illustrated by using a common saying that, "he who laughs last laughs best". He said as Christians, we might have to endure some unpleasant situations and make sacrifices while here on earth, but that joy awaits us in heaven.
He further explained that it is better to give up a reckless life-style now and come to Jesus while it is still possible because unrepented sins would only lead to death. He reminded everyone of the title of this special programme, "The Fountain of Life", emphasising that anyone that wanted real life must come to Jesus. He said, while Lazarus was a beggar on earth, he had the assurance of eternal life. The rich man on the other hand, appeared to have had a good life here on earth, but as he did not have God in his life, he ended up becoming a beggar in eternity.
 It is better to be a beggar on earth and spend eternity with the Fountain of Life. He thereafter gave the altar call and the service was rounded up with congregational song 'I will rest and Tell Story'. Attendance was 34. 
We give glory to God for how the program went and we believe testimonies shall abound. Our prayer is that the blessings received at this weekend of revival will last till eternity. There was a fellowship over lunch and a meeting with the group before Bro and Sis Odudu left for the airport on their way back to London.
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