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We arrived Coden Beach train station at 17:37pm on Saturday 24th November and walked to the hotel a short distance from the station. After checking in, we were joined at the hotel by the Akerejola's after a while. They brought us dinner and Samuel left with them to stay overnight in their house. After breakfast on Sunday morning, we headed straight to the meeting hall for prayer room at 10am prior to the 10:30am start. Bro. Delight drove  down that morning with Michelle and Mpho.  14 of us were in attendance, mostly youth. We understand a few others could not make it due to mitigating circumstances. Two of the youth present were from Claremont sixth form school and Brighton University respectively. 

After a brief Piano voluntary to open, we had a Trumpet and Violin duet by Bro. Delight and Sis. Remi. They played beautifully 'Glorious things to the have Spoken' Sis. Caroline the. gave us an inspiring solo of 'Victory in Jesus' as second prelude. Bro. Akerejola, the group leader then welcomed us and led us in congregational singing with choices of hymns relating to the adult / junior Sunday school lesson focusing on the lost. Notable among the songs were 'Rescue the Perishing' and 'Bring them In'. The songs were clearly a befitting springboard for the Sunday school lesson to follow.

After the memory verse drill and announcements we split into two classes. The primary pal and answer class was merged with two pupils and was taught by Sis. Caroline while the rest of us mostly Youth had a combined Sunday School class. The lesson of the week we studied was 'The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin, The Prodigal Son'. The lesson was taught mostly from a youth perspective and everyone tuned in and was fully engaged. We focused on exploring the four lost nouns depicted in the lesson - The Lost sheep, The Lost coin, The Lost (prodigal son) and the Lost (elder brother - whose lack of grace indicated he might have been somehow 'lost'. The compassion of our Heavenly Father towards lost sinners and backsliders came out strongly in the lesson. Everyone, especially the unsaved were implored to respond to the compelling love of Christ to save every sinner or self righteous person.. We had a good altar service afterwards.

After a sumptuous meal, and great fellowship at the home of the Akerejola's, we all parted to our various destinations including London, Claremont and Brighton respectively. We continue to pray for the good Lord to prosper and nurture the seed of the gospel being sown in Sussex, to real growth in the coming months and years if the Lord tarried.
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