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I was born into a Christian family, but this did not really have any effect on my character.  I had a yearning deep within to really know God beyond what I was hearing every Sunday. I wanted to become a true Christian even though I was still quite young and only in primary school. I attended Sunday school and did everything expected of a good Christian but I found that I was still doing things that were unbecoming of a Christian.


In 1979, I came to the United Kingdom for further studies. I continued to strive to live like a righteous person until the day I received an invitation to the Apostolic Faith Church by my sister in law in 1986.  When I got there, I met people who seemed to have the things I had been looking for.  I was told to confess my sins to God and after I had done that with all my heart God forgave me and the joy of salvation filled my heart.  Shortly after, I was sanctified and baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire. With these Christian experiences, I have been able to live the holy and righteous life I had so much desired. My wife Olufunke also gave her life to Jesus Christ making it easy for us to live a happy family life.


After my conversion, I made restitutions for everything I could remember that I had done wrong because I believe that God requires that which is past to be made right. It is a joyful thing to put right the wrong done in the past.


I am happy serving the Lord in the United Kingdom with my wife and children. Jesus has assured me that He would restore all that I may have lost. He is my helper, healer and the lifter up of my head. I am happy to add that my mother accepted the gospel and was saved before she died. I am holding on in faith to the promise that we shall all meet with Jesus in the end.


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