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On several occasions, my friends invited me to church but I refused. I laughed at them because I thought they were wasting their time instead of studying. Little did I know that success comes from God.

I am the youngest of nine children and five other siblings. Although my father was a church steward, he was married to three wives. As the last born, I was always pampered but also disciplined whenever I misbehaved. At the age of 10, my step brother returned home from Nigeria and introduced us to the Apostolic Faith and along with my two other brothers, I followed him to church

When I was 11 years old, I had a heart disease and I told my mother that I would not take any medication because I believed that God was able to heal me. My mother, who did not attend Apostolic Faith, said she could not afford me to die and banned me from attending Apostolic Faith. I started following her to the church where she worshipped and it was there that I eventually lost interest in going to church.

My father died after I completed my O- Levels and I was left alone with my mother. I furthered my education and made sciences my strength. I had hoped to become a medical doctor some day and worked extremely hard to make this possible. Unfortunately, I didn’t qualify to do medicine. This began a downward trend in my life. I began drinking and going out with different women. Two months before I began university, my mother died.

When my mother died, I felt empty. I realised that there was a great void missing in my life. I decided to study chemistry just for the sake of obtaining a degree. On several occasions, my friends invited me to church but I refused. I laughed at them because I thought they were wasting their time instead of studying. Little did I know that success comes from God. I was almost withdrawn from university that year for poor academic performance.

One night, I was rushed to the hospital and I knew I was going to die. I realised how much of a failure my life had become. The doctors were unable to help me but I thank God for his mercy. He brought me through and I survived the attack.

When I recovered, I heard a voice telling me I needed to go to church, only God can help me. I asked which church I should go to and was redirected to the Apostolic Faith. After wandering and weeping in the city of Kumasi, Ghana for difficulties in locating the church, I said to myself “Lord, don’t let me go back to campus without locating the church”. God heard and answered that desperate plea. I prayed earnestly that day at the altar but I didn’t get saved. I continued to seek God and he saved my soul. He also healed me of my heart disease. I consecrated further and he sanctified and baptised me with the Holy Ghost and fire. My friends noticed the difference. It was such a dramatic change.

I cannot enumerate the benefits of being a Christian. The Lord has done so much for me. My studies took a different turn. Each time I wanted to study, I read my Bible and sang. God always directed me to read the topics that would come out in the exam. God gave me a good degree and today, I am a free and happy man in Christ.

Please pray for me to live a life that would please God at all times and in the end make Heaven.


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