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The story of my salvation lets me know that truly, only Jesus can save, and that the protection and happiness people look for in the world can only be found in Jesus Christ.


I did not deserve the mercy of God, but thank God that Jesus had died for me. It was in July 1978 that the Lord sought me and brought me back to Himself. It was at a service in Christ Gospel Mission, Lagos, Nigeria. The Church building was rusty but God was always there at those services.

I had earlier had an encounter with the Gospel in 1976 at Apostolic Faith Mission, Ado Ekiti in Nigeria. I was in my teens staying in a Muslim boarding school. I was “innocent” and ignorant just going about my studies when suddenly, one afternoon a relation (now the Pastor of Apostolic Faith, Ikere, in Nigeria) came visiting me. He invited me to the service and that was my first encounter with the Gospel.

I was born into a polygamous family and was the only one of six in my mother’s side. That made me to face some challenges and receive special attention early in life. I often had nightmares and horrifying dreams. I was also always afflicted by life-threatening illnesses. In their attempt to “protect” me, my parents sent me away from home quite early but that only compounded my problems. While away from home, I got poisoned in one of those weird dreams. This incidence led to my going to three different secondary schools. It was during my time at the third school that I was invited to church.

After the 1976 encounter with the Lord I succumbed to my father’s threats by withdrawing from the church. It was at this point that I drifted very far into the world. I did virtually all that a young boy of my age would do. I also had the misfortune of getting into charms and different types of fetish activities. I would travel with one of my teachers to distant places for fun and in search for solution to my problems but without luck. In the course of the trips, I got introduced to alcohol and other vices.

I became very notorious at school and I always got into trouble with my teachers. Often times, I would challenge my teachers and fellow students to a fight. I always kept a knife in my pocket and was always in the fore front agitating for riots and demonstrations. I wrote a very strong but anonymous petition against the Principal of my school that led to his being investigated by the State’s Commissioner for Education and it almost cost him his job. Unfortunately, I was one of those charged with finding the petitioner! I stole books from the school library and when the school committed its store keys to my care I would use the opportunity to steal books and other valuables that belonged to the school.

During this time I had an aspiration to be famous and my mentor was a murderous land speculator in Lagos Nigeria. I wanted to be rich and powerful by all means. But as God would have it, the law caught up with this land speculator he was hanged.

I had three girlfriends in school with a plan to make up the list to five so that I would have a girlfriend in each of the five classes in the school. But because of God’s love for me in spite of my sins, He always prevented me from getting into some acts that would have left an indelible mark in my life and I have always wondered why I did not go into those acts when at the verge.

It was while in this confused state of life that the Lord started calling me again and I became troubled. I made an attempt to change on my own but failed woefully. My very last night at secondary school was to be a night for dancing and partying with unfettered freedom, but God’s hand was already on me. Quite unusually for me, I refused to take part in the partying that night. My heart was strangely heavy as I became sick of my riotous life. The experience of that night was more than ordinary and eventually led to my salvation later.

Having graduated from secondary school, I set out to live with my sister in Lagos. By God’s design, my sister and her husband had met the Lord and were already in the Gospel. I naturally followed them to Church and because the Lord had already prepared my heart it did not take time for me to pray through to salvation at one of the services. I remember I wept as the Lord reminded me of my past. I thank God for the cleansing power in the blood of Jesus. The blood washed me clean and the Lord wrote my name in the Book of life. The Lord also healed me of the poison I ate in 1974 and up till today there is no trace of it in me.

Immediately I got saved, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the books I stole while at school - I needed to return them! I felt ashamed and decided to do it secretly. But that was not acceptable to God. After a long period of resistance, the Lord helped me to go back to the school to make full restitution. I remember the Principal of the school embracing and assuring me the school had forgiven me since God too had. The peace of God then flooded my heart.

I was teaching in the Sunday School when the Holy Ghost reminded me of theft I had committed and damage that I had caused to a landlord’s property. The Lord helped me to visit the landlord that afternoon after the service. I met the man and his wife and gracefully made my restitution. What a peace I felt!

Soon after my first restitution, the Lord sanctified and baptized me with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

It has been about 27 years now since the Lord saved me and ever since He has kept me from falling. He gave me my wife in the Gospel and blessed me with three children. I just want to serve and love Him more and more. I covet the prayers of the children of God.


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