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It took me just one second to get into sin, but it took 25 years of my precious life to get out of sin

I was raised in a Christian family. During my early life, my parents taught me all the valuesof Christian living and the dangers of sins. I knew about what God expects from His children and that sinners would go to hell fire when they die, and I feared going to hell. Throughout my early education, I attended Sunday school Class. During my secondary school years (from Form 1 to 5), I was the only student in my school that was not involved in immorality, even though this was fashionable in those old days.

After my secondary school education (as the Lord blessed me with a grade 1 result), I got a very good job in a bank. Unknown to me, the devil wasn’t far away but hunted me subtly. My sinful life started with a glass of beer (up to the age of 19, I never tasted alcohol). My thinking became different. I started to question my upbringing. I developed strong likeness for things I used to hate. I felt I was missing out on the best things in life. It didn’t take long before I started keeping the wrong company. I just wanted to be like my friends. The worst happened when I sinned against my body by committing fornication took me just one second to get into sin, but it took 25 years of my precious life to get out of sin. I was hooked to pleasures of the flesh. But the Lord who saw my helpless and hopeless condition had mercy on me. He knew I was no longer comfortable with sins. I started coming to this church in 1998. I finally yielded to the Lord Jesus and He saved me on Wednesday the 23rd of April 2003. I thank God so much because he made my heart ready. When I knelt down at the Altar, I knew exactly what to do by confessing my sins. I genuinely cried aloud to the Lord and begged him for forgiveness. I made a covenant with Jesus that I will never go back to my past sins if he accepts me back. Jesus being merciful, sent peace to my soul and saved me from the life of sins, and sanctified me that same night.

The power of salvation has transformed me beyond my wildest expectations. The Lord has led me successfully through all trials and temptations. After 20 months of waiting, I received the Holy Ghost Baptism early December 2004. It happened when I was praising God for everything he has done for me. I now understand the needs for consecration to receive power for service. I thank God so much for giving me hope for the future.

I want to be faithful to my Lord whatever it takes. I believe very strongly that we all need the power that comes with full salvation and sanctification before we can overcome sins. I am praying not to yield again to the temptations of the enemy on my heavenly journey. I want to see my Lord Jesus who saved me.


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