Camp Meeting

The camp meeting for the Western Europe normally takes place in the last week of July. It is also attended by delegates from around the world like the United States of America, Canada, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Botswana to mention a few countries. Our camp meeting conventions are a time of spiritual refreshing and fellowship. The schedule includes Bible teachings, youth services, and evangelistic meetings, as well as many other activities. 

At present, the Western Europe Camp meeting is held in Wales in the United Kingdom at Cefn Lea Park, Dolfor, Newtown, Powys, SY16 4AJ.

Camp Meetings

Charges for UK Delegates

Ages 14+ £244.00   £50.00
Ages 11-13 £191.00   £50.00
Ages 8-10 £131.00   £50.00
Ages 3-7 £79.00   £50.00
Age 0-2 FREE   FREE

UK Delegates and International Delegates (Non-European Residents) Subsidised Fees

Ages 14+ £150.00   FREE
Ages 11-13 £105.00   FREE
Ages 8-10 £80.00   FREE
Ages 3-7 £45.00   FREE
Age 0-2 FREE   FREE

European Delegates Subsidised Fees

Ages 14+ £185.00   £15.00*
Ages 11-13 £145.00   £15.00
Ages 8-10 £100.00   £15.00
Ages 3-7 £60.00   FREE
Age 0-2 FREE   FREE


Breakfast: The above charges do not include breakfast, delegates may purchase breakfast at the centre or prepare their own

Transport: London delegates will pay £15 per head, international delegates will travel free of charge whilst out stations centres should decide on suitable travel fees

Part-time per Night for £35.00