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Desk of the DS:

For the attention of all members, from the Desk of the DS: With the upsurge in COVID 19 infection rate and the emergent of a new variant, the government is introducing new measures to address the challenge. For us as an organisation, therefore, please note the following: 1, We advise […]

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We thank God for the successful Christmas carol concert held in Cardiff, Wales last weekend, on behalf of the Bristol/Cardiff branch. With delegates from the London branches of Bexley and Peckham making up part of the choir and the congregation, the presence of God was felt throughout.

District Superintendent Installed for UK and Western Europe

District Superintendent Installed for UK and Western Europe

Imminent changes

As previously mentioned, there will be a change in leadership for the Apostolic Faith Mission in the UK and Western Europe districts. We want to thank God for how much He has helped Reverend Isaac Adigun and his wife Sister Stella to lead and shepherd the congregation in Western Europe […]

New Piano & Organ Dedication Service

We thank God for the provision of new Yamaha B3 Acoustic Series Piano and Viscount Chorum S80 3-manual Classical Organ for the Birmingham branch church. These two musical instruments were dedicated unto God for His service on Sunday, 27th of June 2021.

Recent Developments

As the year 2021 rolled in, God Himself sailed ahead of us into the year with high energy. The year 2021 opened with the sweet promise that “I (God) will not forget thee/you”! What a PROMISE!! We started with daily virtual prayers which lasted throughout the months of January and […]

45th Year Anniversary Celebrations

Through the first 45 years of existence in the UK, God has shown Himself faithful. He has continued to do “New Things” as a routine, from assuring the purchase of the first London Church at 95 Fenham Road, to the explosion of new churches not only across the United Kingdom, but also into continental Europe. All glory and honour be ascribed unto our God!

Family Forum – Cross Cultural Parenting

In our study of Cross-Cultural parenting, we have tried to look at the effect culture has, and can exert, on relationships even in a Christian community like our own. In the next edition of this study, we hope to be looking at tools that will help us to build bridges across any differences cause by cultural initiatives and how God can help us to build a joyful community grounded in the Gospel.