Welfare Team

The Welfare Team is created by The Apostolic Faith Church to serve and support our mission and objectives through meeting the basic physical and material well-being of the congregation members in need. We demonstrate God’s love and promote family unity through support. Our remits include but not limited to promoting different edifying programmes such as God’s love day, Mental Health Awareness, Business Innovation, Skill development and Jehovah Jireh day.

On Sundays, at our various branches, we welcome newcomers to the church giving them tea and coffee at the end of the service. We are also involved in visiting brethren as well as conducting evangelism within our community to advance the kingdom of God. During our Annual Camp Meetings, we welcome International guests and firsttimers; we also give them special treats.

1. God’s Love Day – this is a programme that is held in February every year to enable the church community share and bond closely. And we do this with our neighbours around as well. We use this time to tell them about God’s love to the whole world and in doing so we give our bouquets, chocolates and tracts during the visit.

2. Mental Health Awareness is an event held to offer our members the importance to stay mentally fit and to provide guidelines and information on how to assist anyone who is directly or indirectly involved with a mental health issue.

3. Business Innovation is also another event where we have the opportunity to enlighten ourselves on how to promote one’s existing business, build network with potential clients, and gain awareness into various software and training sessions individuals or groups can sign up to, to develop their business know-how or their relationship with other partners.

4. Skill development – this is an event where we share knowledge in various skills that are available in our gathering to enable someone to benefit from someone else who has possessed that required skill(s). This could impact on their work life as an employee or as an employer who has a business.