Key Verse

Remember Lot’s wife.
— Luke 17:32

Dear Diary

Genesis 19:15-28


She wanted to be just like Teva Michaels, the star who seemed to have everything.

June 19

Dear Diary,

Well, hello! I just got you this afternoon for my birthday. It’s going to be fun writing down all my secret thoughts. First, I guess I should introduce myself. I’m just an ordinary girl, and about the biggest thing in my life right now is that I’m finally on summer break! My first project is going to be saving enough money out of my allowance to buy the newest album on iTunes by Teva Michaels. She is so cool! She plays Zoe on the new TV show “Misadventures at Music High.” I’m thinking about getting my hair cut like hers . . . if Mom will let me. Well, it’s been a long day, I’ll write some more in you tomorrow.

August 15

Dear Diary,

This vacation has been a downer so far, and I’ve only got three weeks left till school starts. I wish, oh how I wish, I could be travelling around the world, seeing things, going places. Well, at least to California.

If I could go to Hollywood I’d really like to see Teva Michaels. My collection of posters and magazine articles about her is great, but I imagine she’s really a lot more beautiful in person. She’s going to be touring with the rest of the cast in the spring. She’s awesome! I wish I could be just like her. She’s got everything—looks, a cute boyfriend, money, a great car, an awesome house, and the best possible job in the world. My life is so boring!

September 17

Dear Diary,

Well, school is going along okay . . . except that all the girls who are “somebody” have the coolest new clothes. My clothes are ugly compared to them. I’m really irritated with Mom. She hardly let me spend anything on new stuff—and she told me I had to use my allowance if I wanted anything extra. Why can’t she see that I’ll never make it big looking like this? I’ll bet Teva Michaels never had to put up with such a dumb, boring life. Well, I’ll show my mom one of these days . . . when I become rich and famous.

December 4

Dear Diary,

I can’t wait for Christmas. I’ve told Mom and Dad exactly what stuff I want this year. No more of this little kid stuff for me. I’m ready for serious things! If I’m going to make it like Teva Michaels, I’ve got to start looking the part—at least something like an adult, even though Mom and Dad seem to think I’m still just a baby.

February 4

Dear Diary,

Guess what????!!! Dad told us this morning that he has to go to Los Angeles in March on business. Since spring break is the same week, we are all going. And my girlfriend read on Facebook that Teva Michaels and the rest of the cast are going to be performing in L.A. in March! I’ve just got to convince Mom and Dad to let me go to the concert. I’ll tell them how all the songs have positive messages about things like staying away from drugs and alcohol. That should win over any parent’s heart. I sure hope they’ll think it’s a good idea!

March 7

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe it. Here we are, all set to go to L.A. next week and I read the headlines this morning that Teva Michaels was found dead from an overdose. I can’t understand it. I thought she had everything. But the news reports say she’d been so depressed lately. She was rude and obnoxious to her castmates and fought with the director of the show until she was fired. She also had a bunch of fights with her boyfriend. And a couple of weeks ago she got arrested for drunk driving. All of this was kept quiet in the news. I am so confused and disappointed. I thought she was the coolest person ever.

March 9

Dear Diary,

I talked to my brother Jayce tonight. He and Aria are driving through to Westville, and will stay overnight with us. He said some things that really helped me. He told me he knew just how I felt and that he, too, had once looked up to a celebrity who ended up committing suicide.

Then he reminded me about what happened to Dad four years ago. Jayce said it really helped him sort out his priorities. I guess I forgot, or maybe I was too young to really understand then. Dad had been so sick we all thought he might die. Well, Jayce said that one night it was as though the Lord himself came right down and talked to him. He realized that nothing of this life really had any value except those things that are built for eternity. What really matters is our relationship with Jesus and serving Him.

I’m so glad we had that talk. I feel a lot better. I guess I’ve been forgetting the things I learned in Sunday school. I have a feeling that looking up to people like Teva Michaels might not be the best. I shouldn’t be setting my heart on the things of this world and modeling my life after people who don’t care a thing about God or the way He wants us to live.

There’s church tomorrow and I’m going to take it more seriously than I have been. I’m going to start by praying right now!

Good night.