Answer 201- “GROWING GOD’S WAY”

Key Verse

Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life.
— James 1:12

Congratulations to a Winner

Matthew 4:1-11




You can succeed in your fight against the devil.

Dear Christian,

Hurray for you! Since you gave your heart to Me, I’m happy to see how much progress you’ve made in your spiritual walk. I know the devil has really been on your case recently. He wants to steal your soul. And he has lots of tricks that he’s sure will work, but those who trust in Me find I am able to defeat him.

You can be sure I will always be with you, so you can call on Me anytime. Besides, I have a few hints that can help you when the old fellow makes his next attack.

First, remember the basics! When I was on earth, I was tempted also. Do you remember what I did? I quoted God’s Word to the devil. Try it! You’ll find it will work for you too. Recite as many key verses and Scriptures as you can remember—see how long you can do it. Oh, how the enemy hates My Word!

A month ago you won a round with the devil when that after-school job offer came up, the one that would have taken you out of church. One of the devil’s favorite tricks is to tell you, “Nobody else ever had a problem like this one.” You found out what a liar he is. When you talked to the youth pastor, he told you how he’d faced that very same decision. It’s a wise thing to find a spiritually-minded person to talk with when you’re having a trial.

Do you remember last week, when you were in the grocery store, and you noticed some offensive magazines on display? The devil would have liked for you to stop and read them. I was really proud of you when, instead, you quickly turned the other direction and started humming a Christian song in your mind. Excellent! The enemy was hopping mad!

I know you were feeling a little depressed when you went to bed last night. The enemy was really trying to discourage you. But you pulled out one of the best tools available. You started thinking about the last victory we’d won. Then you thought about the prayer meeting when you got sanctified. Next, you remembered the verse you’d just read from the Bible. You went to sleep feeling better, didn’t you?

Here’s another hint—say “No!” I’ve promised that if you resist the devil, he will flee from you. If you do this in My name, he has to go on the run.

One more thing—sometimes you’ll be in situations where you just don’t know what is right. Stop and think for a second about what I would do. If I were in your shoes, what action would I take? If you do what I would, you will never lose.

You’re doing great! Keep it up and someday we’ll walk together where there is no temptation or test. Remember that I love you more than anyone else does.

With my love,

Jesus Christ