Answer Lesson 026

Key Verse

Thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins.
— Matthew 1:21

Quarter Review

Review Quarter Texts

Did you ever wish you had lived during Jesus’ time on earth? Just imagine . . .

. . . you are a young cousin of Mary’s. What are your thoughts when you see her new baby, Jesus, for the first time?

. . . you follow the Wise Men as they enter Jerusalem. What do you do when they ask where the new King is?

. . . you are a guest at the marriage feast when Jesus turns the water into wine. How will you explain to your friends what happened there?

. . . you are fishing with your friends on the Sea of Galilee the day Jesus comes by and says, “Follow Me!” What do you do?

Jesus Christ is more than just a person who walked the pages of Bible history. He is God, but He was also a Man who was directly and personally involved in the lives of those around Him.

Do you remember the highlights of His life, as we have studied them this past quarter? Check yourself by doing the quarter review activities.