Answer Lesson 052

Key Verse

Choose your favorite verse from this unit and study it again this week.

Quarter Review

Review Quarter Texts

The view from an airplane flying thousands of feet up in the sky can be breathtaking. God’s earth is a magnificent creation. On clear days, as you fly over tall mountain ranges, the snow seems to sparkle. Perhaps you will see miniature farms with patchwork layouts that appear to go on and on. Their colors are brilliant. As the plane gets closer to its destination, other things become distinguishable, yet they still look to be so small: miniature houses, and pocket-sized cars driving along little treelined streets. There are even tiny people going here and there.

From our point of view, these people are far away, insignificant, and easily forgotten, but . . . no one is insignificant in God’s eyes. He has a plan for every single one of those people, just as He has a plan for you.

This quarter we have been studying about God’s plan for our lives. From the beginning of our Christian walk, until Jesus comes again, God wants to fill our lives with His love. As we pray, grow in His grace, and witness to others, He wants us to remember we are important to Him.