Answer Lesson 087 – Dear Diary

Key Verse

Can two walk together, except they be agreed?
— Amos 3:3

Dear Diary

1 Corinthians 3:15-20; 2 Corinthians 6:14-18; Ephesians 5:3-5

Leah and Nariko each write about a developing relationship.

Dear Diary,

May 2 — The most exciting thing happened today! I met Nariko Kim! I still can’t believe my luck. Fumi, his sister, is in my algebra class. She’s been out for a week with the flu. Mr. Adams asked me to drop by with her assignments, since I live the closest to her of anyone in the class. Just as I was leaving her place, in walked Nariko. He’s even dreamier close up than from a distance.

May 2 — Met a cute girl today! Pretty good looking for one of my sister’s friends! Fumi says her name is Leah. I’ll have to see about getting better acquainted with this one!

May 5 — Am I ever walking on air tonight! Today, on my way home from school, I heard a horn honk—it was Nariko! He asked if I wanted a ride. Of course, I said yes! I wasn’t at all nervous talking to him, even if he is senior class president at Oak Ridge High. When we got to the house, we sat out in his car and talked. Time just flew. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it was four o’clock. I really had to rush to get my homework done before Bible study.

May 5 — Spotted Fumi’s little friend Leah over on Lambert Drive today when I was coming home from school. Gave her a lift home. For a junior she’s a pretty sharp girl! I was really impressed. Quite easy to talk to, and we seem to have a lot in common.

May 11 — Fumi invited me over today after school. I haven’t known her all that well, but we get along great. Nariko came in while I was there! We talked about a lot of different things. I did notice that he got a funny look when I mentioned going to Bible class on Thursday night. He asked, “Every Thursday night?” in a kind of disbelieving voice. I wonder if he goes to church?

May 11 — I talked Fumi into inviting Leah over today, and then I “just happened” to come in about that time! While we were talking, she mentioned Bible class. Sounds like she goes all the time. I wonder what church it is? Maybe that’s what makes her seem like such a nice girl.

May 14 — Today I invited Fumi and Nariko to Youth Fellowship Night. Fumi would have come, but she had already promised to babysit for Mrs. Kirkman down the street. Nariko’s excuse sounded so fake; he mumbled about some homework and a practice, and then said he had a cold too. It was so obvious he didn’t want to come. I’m getting a strong feeling he isn’t much interested in anything to do with church. But maybe I can make him change his mind.

May 14 — Leah called up today and invited Fumi and me to a youth get-together at her church. Fumi couldn’t go. I would have liked to, but I guess I was chicken. I’ve only been in a church a couple of times. My parents don’t go. I wouldn’t even know how to act or what to do. I guess my excuses sounded kind of lame, but I hope Leah didn’t notice.

May 21 — What a fabulous time I’ve had! The Kim’s invited me to go on a picnic with them, and did we ever have a blast! Their folks treated me so nice. We roasted hot dogs, took a long bike ride, and ate again on the way home.

May 21 — We took Leah with us on a picnic today. I can’t get over how different she is than most girls I know. Even Mom and Dad commented on what a sweet girl she seems to be. I wonder what it is that makes her that way?

May 22 — Oh, dear, how can I feel so mixed up today when I felt so great yesterday? In Sunday school class this morning, our teacher discussed the dangers of establishing close relationships with people who are not Christians. We read, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” I couldn’t help but think about Nariko. I’ve been trying to put it out of my mind, but I know he is not a Christian. I’ve tried to convince myself that I could help him become one, but today I had to face up to it—I just can’t count on its working out that way. I’m afraid I just can’t let this relationship with Nariko develop any further.

May 22 — Spent the day over at Milo’s doing homework and watching TV. We talked some about the band concert coming up next week. I wonder if Leah will go with me.

May 25 — Nariko asked me to go to a band concert in the park tomorrow. I knew it would be hard to refuse but I said, “No, I can’t Nariko. I’m a Christian and we are on different paths.” The Lord helped me. It was very hard, but I knew I was doing the right thing. We had a good talk after that, but I suppose that is the last I will hear from him.

May 25 — I called Leah this morning and asked her if she could go to the concert tomorrow. She told me she couldn’t—that she’s a Christian! I really have to respect her for taking a stand like that. There must be something to this business of being a Christian. I wonder what she’d think if I asked to go to church with her next Sunday?