Answer Lesson 113 – Chapter 9: The Revelation of Christ and Armageddon

Key Verse

Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him.
— Revelation 1:7

The Revelation of Christ and Armageddon

Matthew 24:29-31; Revelation 19:11-21

Matthew 24:29-31; Revelation 19:11-21

From the battlefield, Seth looked up and saw something in the sky.

Seth’s battalion landed at the Port of Haifa. Never had he seen such a mind-boggling array of troops and equipment.

The great plain of Jezreel stretched ahead—east from the Mediterranean to the Jordan. A fragment of knowledge from a geography class came into Seth’s mind. The name of this place, Armageddon, was taken from a Hebrew word meaning “Mount Megiddo.” This place had been used as a battlefield down through the centuries.

And now Seth, with millions of others, stood on this very plain. The great 200-million-soldier army from the East was moving in while the Antichrist’s army tried to stand firm. The battle line extended south throughout Israel with the front line at Armageddon. Terrible fighting was going on in Jerusalem.

Seth had heard that a frightful battle was ensuing south of the Dead Sea as well, and so many had been killed that blood was standing several feet deep in some areas.

Seth wished he were dead. He heard that the war had expanded beyond the Middle East now. Nuclear weapons were being used around the world. Whole cities were being wiped out. The eastern force had already killed a third of the earth’s population. Entire islands and mountains were being blown off the map.

Paralyzing fear gripped Seth and his buddies. Totally demoralized, Seth turned to one of them, “What are we going to do? Will it be days, or just hours, before all life on this planet will be gone?”

Up above the clouds, Jesus Christ was preparing to return to earth with the armies of Heaven—dressed in white robes, riding on white horses. Seth did not realize it, but at that very moment, Logan, his mother and father, and a host of others were preparing for the return.

The sky rolled back. A blazing light flooded the whole earth. Astounded, Seth fell to his knees, dropping his rifle . . . the Son of God was descending! Behind Him, a cloud of believers followed. The whole sky was filled with ranks of white horses ridden by the saints of God. The awesome sight was too much for Seth. Throwing his arms over his eyes, he fell to the ground, trembling with fear.

Then, some fifty-five miles from where Seth crouched in abject terror, Jesus’ feet touched down on the Mount of Olives—the very place He had left earth from nearly two thousand years ago! The mountain split in two with a deafening sound, the earth trembled as it never had before. In seconds, a giant crevice opened up running east toward the Jordan River and west to the Mediterranean Sea (Zechariah 14:4).

One-third of the Jewish people looked up and saw “the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.” They recognized Jesus as their Messiah and in that moment they were believers. They ran into that great crack, remembering the prophets who foretold it as a place of refuge from the terrible destruction that God would pour out upon the godless armies of the world.

The terror that Seth felt could not be described as he and those around him were thrown to the ground by the mighty trembling and heaving of the earth. He thought he would surely die at that very moment, but he didn’t. No, the Antichrist was already rallying the forces to rise, to fight on, against Jesus Christ himself. However, the forces of the Antichrist were doomed.

Soon, the dreadful battle was over, and the remnant of the armies of the Antichrist “were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth.” Jesus Christ had saved mankind from extinction. In vanquishing the forces of the Antichrist, His Kingdom was established on this earth for a thousand years of peace.