Key Verse

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.
— Psalm 19:1

God Created the Universe

Genesis 1:1-8, 14-19; Revelation 4:11

What an exciting day this had been for Jason. He had taken his first airplane ride and now he was at his Grandpa’s new farm.

After dinner, Grandpa asked Jason if he wanted to go with him to the barn. As they walked, Jason looked up into the nighttime sky. He had never seen so many stars! There was hardly any space between them. “Wow,” he whispered. “Grandpa, what happened to the sky? Where did all those stars come from?”

His grandpa laughed. “The sky is always this full of stars, Jason. You’re just used to seeing it from the city. It is darker out here in the country at night, so the stars seem brighter.”

“But, Grandpa, the sky is full of them! I can just about count the ones in the sky at home. But no one could ever count the ones in the sky out here!” exclaimed Jason.

“God can,” said his grandpa. “He made all of them. The Bible says God knows the number of stars. He even calls them by name! Isn’t that exciting? God knows every one of them.”

“I wonder which star God made first,” Jason said.

“He created them all at once,” said his grandpa. “Remember, God just said, ‘Let there be lights in the firmament … and it was so.’ After seeing the sky out here in the country, aren’t you glad God made so many?”

“I sure am,” answered Jason.

When they reached the barnyard, Grandpa went to check the doors and gate to make sure they were fastened shut. Jason leaned against the fence and watched the sky.

The moon was so big tonight. Jason remembered Grandpa telling about the big harvest moon at this time of year. Grandpa said it was closer to the earth in the autumn. Maybe that’s what his Sunday school teacher meant when she said that God made the moon and sun so we would have day and night and different seasons of the year.

Just then Grandpa joined him by the fence. “OK, Jason, time to get some sleep. You’ll have lots to dream about tonight. You enjoyed your aeroplane ride today but you act even more excited about the stars God created.”

“I am!” exclaimed Jason. “And I can hardly wait until tomorrow. God made the night out here in the country so beautiful. I just know the country sunshine must be great.”



We are starting a new unit titled, “The Bible Tells Me Why.” This series of lessons will deal with the subject of the Creation, and our first lesson will be about God forming the universe. During the class time your child will learn that the universe was created to declare the glory of God and to reveal His power.

As you discuss with your child the different things that make up our universe—the sky, the sun, the stars, the moon—suggest to him that he might like to make a sun catcher to remind him of the things God has made for our enjoyment. Begin by dipping a length of craft cord into white craft glue. On a piece of waxed paper or plastic wrap, shape the drenched cord into a simple shape representative of something in the universe, such as a star, and let it dry. Peel the shape from the paper and coat the backside of the shape with glue. Lay the shape on a piece of brightly coloured tissue paper, and allow it to dry. Cutaway excess paper from the shape and glue a thread loop hanger to the shape. Display your child’s creation in a sunny window.