Primary Pals: (26a – David The King)

Key Verse

Man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.
— 1 Samuel 16:7

God Chooses David

1 Samuel 13:14; 16:4-13; Acts 13:22

David, a young shepherd, picked up the smallest lamb. “How small and tiny you are,” he said quietly as he petted the animal’s head. “Don’t worry little lamb,” he continued. “Someday you’ll be as big and as strong as any of these sheep.”

David put the lamb down beside him on the soft, green grass. He picked up his harp and played a song, singing words about God and His goodness.

How happy David was! He loved the green meadow. He loved the tiny lambs and the big sheep. He loved to sing and play his harp. But most of all, deep in his heart, David loved God.

Many times during the day, David prayed to God. He told God how much he loved Him, and thanked Him for the beautiful world He had made. David knew God was his special friend. He knew that God loved him too, and would always take care of him.

One day as David was taking care of the sheep, a man brought him a message from home. “David, come quickly!” the man exclaimed. “The Prophet Samuel is at your father’s home and he wants to see you!”

David knew that the Prophet Samuel was a very important man. He knew that Samuel was a worker for God. Many times, God would tell Samuel what was going to happen in the future. But David didn’t know why Samuel wanted to see him.

He didn’t know that God had sent Samuel to David’s own house to find the future king of the people of Israel. Samuel had already looked at David’s older brothers. As each brother walked by him, Samuel had thought, Surely this is the one! But each time God said no. Samuel saw only fine looking men, but God was looking at their hearts.

David hurried home. He was almost out of breath from running so fast. Samuel saw what a good-looking young man he was; his cheeks were red, his hair was blown by the wind, and his skin was brown from the sun.

When God looked at David’s heart He saw something very special. He knew David would be a good king. God spoke to Samuel’s heart. He told Samuel to anoint David to be the next king of Israel.

Samuel obeyed God. He took oil and poured it on David’s head. All of David’s family saw Samuel do it. They knew that God had chosen David to be the next king.

From that day on, David loved God even more. He knew God had a special plan for his life. He knew God would always be by his side.


We are starting a unit on the life of one of the most well-known and loved Bible characters—David. Our study will begin with David as the young shepherd who was anointed to be the future king of Israel.

Your child will learn that David was chosen because God looked at his heart and recognized qualities there that would make him a good king. To visualize this thought with your child, help him draw a heart on a piece of paper. Provide him with magazines or newspapers, and let him look through these and find words which tell what might have been in David’s heart. (If he cannot find whole words, let him cut out letters to form appropriate words.) Have him paste the words he finds inside the heart outline.