Primary Pals: (27c – Thanksgiving)

Key Verse

I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.
— Psalm 26:7

A Chance To Witness

John 4:1-30, 39-42

Jennifer stared down at the blank piece of paper in front of her. Should she do it? What if everyone in the class made fun of her?

Mrs. Morrow had told them to write about, “What I Am Thankful For,” and then draw a picture of what they had written about.

The first thought that had popped into Jennifer’s mind was that she was thankful for Jesus. She was! Jesus had done so much for her and she really loved Him.

All of her friends had decided to write about their mommies, or their homes, or their pets. It might be embarrassing to write about Jesus. If the teacher was the only one to read it, that wouldn’t be so bad. But Mrs. Morrow had said that all the papers were going to be put up on a Thanksgiving bulletin board. That meant all the kids in the class would see what she had written!

Let’s see. What else could she write about? Maybe about her mom and dad like some of the others were doing? She was thankful for them, but … after all, Jesus was the One who had given her a good mom and dad. Should she write about her pet kitten, Somecat? She was thankful her prayer had been answered and she had received a kitty for her birthday last June. Or maybe she should write about food – all her favorites like strawberries and peaches and corn on the cob. Jesus made all these delicious things to enjoy.

But somehow Jennifer couldn’t get started writing. Nothing seemed to be just right. She kept thinking, But it’s Jesus who gave me all the good things I’m thankful for. I really should write about Him.

Maybe if she tried drawing a picture first that would help. She tried drawing her mom and dad, but they looked funny. The kitten she worked on next looked more like a dog. She erased her strawberries and peaches too. By that time her paper was all smudgy. She threw it away and reached for her notebook to get another sheet.

Then her eyes fell on her lesson leaflet for next Sunday. Just this morning, she had read the story about the woman who met Jesus at the well. That woman hadn’t been afraid to tell others about Jesus! She had run right into the city and told everyone she met about Him. She was a witness for Christ because she was so thankful.

All of a sudden Jennifer knew what she was going to do. This was her chance to be a witness! She could tell all the kids in her class about Jesus. Her paper might be a little different from all the others, but it was one way she could say thank you for all the blessings Jesus had given her.


Our lesson is about the woman who met Jesus beside a well and then ran to tell the people of her city about Him. Your child will learn that being a witness for Christ is one way we can show our gratitude to Him.

As an activity together this week, help your child compose a picture letter to give to a friend telling him about Jesus or inviting him to Sunday school. Help him print simple sentences, drawing in pictures to represent words whenever it seems appropriate.

If you have a Bible bookstore in your city, it is a good source of stickers which could possibly be worked into the letter. For example, a sticker of Jesus could be used each time His name would occur in the letter.