Primary Pals: Lesson 06d – Ready to Go

Key Verse

Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.
— Matthew 25:13

Ready to Go

Matthew 25:1-13

Susie checked her new skis and backpack over and over again. Everything was in order and had been packed for days.

She and her best friend Amy were now in the fourth grade, and this was the first year that they would be going on the Junior Ski Trip. She could hardly wait!

“Mom, is it time to go yet?” she asked for the third time.

“Yes, Dear,” her mother smiled, “the van should be here any moment now.”

When the van finally came she ran out the door as quickly as she could. She was so excited, she almost forgot to say goodbye to her mother!

Soon they arrived at the church where everyone was to meet. They would all ride to the mountain together on the big bus.

Susie looked all around for Amy. She wanted to be sure they could sit together on the bus. But Amy wasn’t there yet! Susie found Brother Bob, who was to have picked up Amy.

“Where’s Amy?” she asked.

“Well,” he answered, “Amy’s mom said she wasn’t ready yet. She told us not to hold up the whole van load of kids to wait for Amy. Her mom said she would bring Amy here to the church if she got ready in time.” He looked at his watch. “But she has only four more minutes. The bus will leave at 8:00 sharp.”

Susie asked Brother Bob if he wouldn’t please wait for just a few extra minutes. She was sure Amy would be there soon.

“Amy and I have been talking about this ski trip for so long. She really wants to go this year,” said Susie. “Please wait just five more minutes.”

Brother Bob did have the bus driver wait for a little bit. But the other kids were anxious to go so the driver finally started the bus and drove away.

A few minutes later Amy’s mom drove her into the parking lot of the church.

“Did I make it?” asked Amy. “Where’s the bus? Where are all the other kids?” But Amy knew that she hadn’t been on time.

Amy had known about this ski trip for a long time. She knew that Susie had started getting ready days before. Amy cried and cried. She thought, Why didn’t I start getting ready while there was still time?

You would feel as unhappy as Amy did if you missed an important trip because you weren’t ready, wouldn’t you? But do you know the most important trip that you must get ready for? It is the trip to Heaven. You must love Jesus more than anything else and do what He wants you to do. Then you will be ready to meet Him.

Be sure you are ready in time!


If you have access to an old-fashioned lamp with a wick, it will make a perfect illustration for your discussion of this week’s lesson. Show your child how the lamp works, focusing on why fuel is necessary. Experiment with what happens when the fuel is removed. Point out that the lamp is still good. Everything is in working order but, without the fuel, it is of no use as a light.

Help your child make a list—either by writing the words or drawing pictures of all the items in your house and yard that require fuel to operate.