Primary Pals: Lesson 11d – What Jesus Did for Me

Key Verse

And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.
— Matthew 28:18

What Jesus Did for Me

Luke 8:26-40

When a person has a sad heart, Jesus can make that person happy inside! Or, if anyone is sick, Jesus can make him well again! We also know that Jesus can control the wind and the waves! But, do you know that Jesus even has control over the devil? He does! Let me tell you the story of what Jesus did for me.

I had been sick for a long time. People were afraid of me because I acted very strangely. I would act that way because there were demons living inside me. They made me do awful things. At times the people would tie me with chains. But I always broke loose from them and ran away. I was a very, very sad man.

For a long time I had been living in the mountains and tombs. I didn’t want to live in a house. One day, as I was coming out of the tombs not far from the seashore, I saw a Man. I knew right away that it was Jesus. I ran to Him and called Him by name. I said, “Jesus, Son of God, don’t punish me.”

Then Jesus asked, “What is your name?”

“Legion,” was what I answered. That was because there were many demons inside me. They begged Jesus not to send them into the deep place. They knew that Jesus was stronger than they were.

There was a herd of pigs on the hill near the water. So Jesus told the demons to come out of me and go into the pigs. And they did! But as soon as they entered the pigs, the pigs ran into the sea and drowned!

There were people nearby who saw what Jesus had done. They became afraid and ran to tell the people in the city. The people came to see what had happened to the pigs. When they arrived they saw me sitting quietly at Jesus’ feet. I was listening to all He had to say. I was healed! The people couldn’t understand what had happened, so they were afraid. They told Jesus to go away.

I didn’t want, Jesus to go. He had given me a peace inside that was wonderful. I told Jesus to please take me with Him. But Jesus said to me, “Go back to your own house. Show your people what great things I have done for you.” And then He went away.

I went home at once and told everyone what Jesus had done for me. The people listened. They could see that I was well again. The devil could no longer make me do strange things. After this the people were anxious to meet Jesus. And they were very glad when Jesus came to our town of Gadara again.

I want everyone to know that Jesus has power over the devil. Can you help me tell others what Jesus did for me?


Help your child cover a paper tube (such as from a toilet tissue roll) with white paper. Draw features of a man on the top two inches, and add a strip of cloth or adhesive paper to the bottom of the tube for clothes. Cut a circle and tape it to the bottom of the tube.

Fill the tube with Styrofoam packing chips on which you have drawn sad faces, or use circles of paper with sad faces. Explain to your child that this is like the man in our lesson. He was filled with sadness. Pour all the Styrofoam pieces out, to illustrate how all the sadness and scary thoughts left the man, at Jesus’ command.