Primary Pals: Lesson 15a – Miracle in the Storm

Key Verse

The heavens declare his righteousness, and all the people see his glory.
— Psalm 97:6

Miracle in the Storm

Genesis 1:1-8,14-19

Genesis 1:1-8,14-19

Lost at sea! Seth and his grandfather seemed so helpless in the small fishing boat that tumbled up and down on the high waves. Just a short time ago the sea and sky had looked so beautiful, so peaceful, and now … If only the storm would go away and the clouds wouldn’t hide the sky!

Seth shivered in the dark. “Grandpa!” he called out fearfully. “Grandpa, where are you?”

His grandfather appeared in the doorway of the small cabin. “I’m right here, Seth. Don’t be afraid. God will help us. Why don’t we pray together right now?”

Seth carefully edged his way to the cabin door. He took hold of his grandfather’s hand and bowed his head as his grandfather prayed. Seth heard him asking God to be with them and guide them through the storm. He could feel his fears leave as he listened to the quiet words. He felt such a peace down in his heart.

Inside the small cabin they sat quietly for a while. Through the windows they watched the storm. Then Seth’s grandfather suddenly exclaimed, “We’re going to make it!”

Seth followed his grandfather out of the cabin. As they stood on the deck, they watched a miracle happen! The dark clouds parted, and a brilliant stream of light from the moon fell across the troubled sea. Then one by one the stars came out from their hiding places. And slowly the sea became calmer.

“Look, Grandpa!” Seth cried out excitedly. “Isn’t that the North Star?”

“It sure is,” his grandfather replied. “We are no longer lost. We can now use the stars in the heavens to guide us safely home!

“You know, Seth,” he continued, “after a storm like that we should be ever so grateful for God’s wonderful creation. Some people don’t realize that God placed those stars very carefully in space. He knew that each part of His universe would play a special part in the times and seasons of each year. We should be very thankful for the sun and the moon. And right now, you and I should be especially thankful for those stars! Because of them we can know exactly which way to travel. Let’s just get this boat headed toward home.”

Seth followed his grandfather back into the cabin. He looked up at the sky through the cabin window. “Thank You, God,” he prayed, “for making all the stars. Thank You for putting them in the sky to guide us.”

Then he turned and said, “Grandpa, I can hardly wait to get home. I’m going to tell all my friends about this miracle in the storm.”


In this unit of lessons, we look toward the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, so for our theme we have chosen the topic of being thankful. Our first lesson focuses on God’s creation of the earth, stars, moon, and sun.

For an activity you can share this week, cut a two-inch star-shaped pattern from a piece of cardboard. Allow your child to trace around it onto a piece of yellow felt, and then cut out the star he has drawn. The stat can be decorated by gluing on little shapes cut from other colors of felt scraps.

If you wish, glue the star to a length of ribbon so it can be used as a bookmark. Down the ribbon write the words, God Made It!