Primary Pals Lesson 29c

Key Verse

Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord.
— 2 Timothy 1:8

Linda's Testimony

Acts 26:1-32

“I want to talk to you about the paper you wrote,” said Mrs. Nielsen as she looked across her desk at Linda. “Would you please stay a few minutes after class?”

“Sure,” Linda replied as she returned to her desk. The rest of the class started collecting their books when the last bell rang. Linda thought of what the teacher had asked them to write about. It was a paper on what they would do if this were the last day of their life.

In her mind, Linda went over what she had written on the paper she had turned in yesterday. “If I had only one more day to live,” she had started out, “I’d spend all day telling lots of people about Jesus. You see,” she had continued, “Jesus is my Savior, and I’d want other people to be saved too.”

Linda’s heart began pounding fast as the last of her friends left the room. She wondered what her teacher would ask her. Silently, she prayed and asked Jesus to please help her say the right things.

“Linda,” Mrs. Nielsen said as she sat down beside Linda at the next desk. “Your paper was very different from the others I received. You started out by saying Jesus is your Savior. ‘Savior’ is a big word for a third-grader to use. Can you explain what it means?”

Linda was surprised. “Oh, yes, I can!” She said. Then she began to tell her teacher about Jesus. “Jesus came as a Baby and lived on this earth. He did many good things and taught the people about loving God and how to go to Heaven. Jesus is God’s Son, and He died on the cross so that our sins could be forgiven. When I prayed He forgave my sins and gave me a clean heart. That’s why I call Him ‘Savior.'”

As Linda finished, her teacher smiled and handed her the paper. “When I read this, I wondered if your mommy or daddy had helped you write it. But you answered my question very well. It sounds like you have been listening as well in Sunday school as you do here in this class.” She paused, then added, ”You may go now, Linda. Thank you for telling me about your Savior.”

Linda’s feet felt light as she skipped home, swinging her book bag. She had given a testimony today! Just then something popped into her mind. Last Sunday’s lesson in Sunday school had been about how Paul stood before King Agrippa and gave his testimony. Today had been her chance! God had helped Paul, and Linda knew that God had been with her too. How happy she was that she had been able to tell her teacher about Jesus.

Parent’s Corner

Our third lesson on the life of Paul features his testimony before King Agrippa. Your child will learn that though Paul was a prisoner and was taken before a king, he was not afraid. He saw the situation as yet another opportunity to witness for Jesus.

During your time together with your child this week, focus on the importance of telling others about Jesus. Help your child make custom-designed witnessing postcards to send to his friends and acquaintances. Provide him with six 4×6-inch unruled cards. On one side of each card, have him divide the card in half with a vertical line. Draw three horizontal lines on the right-hand side for the address. Draw a small square in the upper, right-hand corner and print the word “Stamp” in it. Use the left-hand side of the card for a written greeting.

Let him decorate the front of the cards with designs and a message such as, “Jesus Loves You,” “God Cares and So Do I,” or some other phrase. Encourage him to send the cards to those he would like to tell about Jesus.


Verses to help your child understand this Bible lesson.

SUNDAY: 2 Timothy 1:8

MONDAY: Mark 13:9

TUESDAY: Luke 21:12-13

WEDNESDAY: Psalm 27:3

THURSDAY: Psalm 56:4

FRIDAY: Psalm 118:6

SATURDAY: Isaiah 12:2