Primary Pals Lesson 29e

Key Verse

Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only.
— James 1:22

Working for Jesus

1 Timothy 4:12-16; 2 Timothy 3:14-17; 4:2-8, 17-18

Maybe you think you are too small or too young to work for Jesus. Oh, no you aren’t! Let me tell you about Paul the Apostle and his young friend, Timothy.

Paul loved Timothy like a son, and used to write letters to him. In our Bible, we can read some of the things that Paul wrote.

He encouraged Timothy to read God’s Book. When Timothy was a very young boy his mother and grandmother taught him all about Jesus and God’s Word. You might say, “I can’t read the Bible. There are so many big words in it I don’t understand.” Maybe so, but, just like Timothy, you can listen carefully when someone reads the Bible to you. You can ask questions about the things you don’t understand. There will be lots of stories you already know, but there will be many new and exciting things for you to learn. And remember, everything in God’s Book is true.

Paul told Timothy it was important for him to pray. Prayer is talking to God. It is also listening carefully to the things He will tell you. You can talk to God about anything. Tell Him when you are happy or sad. Thank Him for what He does for you. And if you have been naughty, tell Jesus you are sorry. When you need something, just ask Jesus. Remember, He always does what is best for you.

Telling other people about Jesus was a very important part of Paul’s message to Timothy. And at the same time, Timothy was told to be an example for Jesus.

You can tell others about Jesus. Tell your friends at school that Jesus loves them. Invite children to come to Sunday school with you. Share your Bible-story books with someone so they can read them in their own home. In this way they will know that you love Jesus. This is also a part of being a good example for Jesus. What are some other ways you can be a good example? One way is by being happy. Don’t grumble! Tell your problems to Jesus and not to everybody else. Visit your friends if they are sick. Or, if you can’t visit, send them a get-well card. Visit with older people. They love to have company, and your cheerful smile can make them happy. Share with others. Help people. Be kind to everyone. There are so many ways to show people you love Jesus.

Paul’s message to Timothy is important for us too. Reading the Bible, praying, telling the good news of Jesus, and being an example for Jesus are important things we all must do until Jesus comes. These things will keep us busy and happy if we do them for Jesus.

Parent’s Corner

This is our concluding lesson in the unit on Paul the Apostle. The Bible text covers Paul’s final encouragement to his young friend and co-worker, Timothy. Your child will learn that even as Paul was nearing the end of his life, he made sure that Timothy understood the importance of working for the Lord.

The necessity of “doing” for Christ is an important lesson for your child to learn too. Study the memory verse with him, as it is the theme of this lesson. Then let him do a little building project in connection with this Bible verse.

Give your child one gumdrop for each word of the memory verse, and a box of toothpicks. Let him construct something, using the candy and toothpicks, which represents part of the unit on Paul: a crown (for King Agrippa), a ship (for the shipwreck), etc.