Primary Pals Lesson 30d

Key Verse

Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word.
— John 17:20

Vanminh's Problem

John 17:1-26

Vanminh climbed slowly out of the bus. Usually he loved Sunday school, but today he didn’t want to go in. “Good morning, Vanminh,” Teacher Clara greeted him as she held the door open for the children. He couldn’t say a word. That big lump was in his throat again.

Quietly he found a chair in the assembly area. He didn’t feel like working at the activity center. He noticed Teacher Sarah standing by the piano. All of a sudden those thoughts were back in his mind again. Like a fly trapped in a jar, they buzzed round and round in his head.

Teacher Sarah had given the review last Sunday about friends. She had brought a pretty lady with white hair. She told the children that this lady had prayed with her. She helped Teacher Sarah when she had a big trouble or worry. Whenever Teacher Sarah didn’t know what to do, she asked this nice lady. When she finished the review, Teacher Sarah told the children that the lady was her mother!

That was what was making Vanminh feel so bad. His mother didn’t know about Jesus. She didn’t know how to pray, so how could she pray for Vanminh?

Just then Teacher Clara sat down next to him. “Vanminh, is something wrong? I miss your big smile.”

At first Vanminh thought he couldn’t tell her. But when he looked at her worried face, it all came out. “I feel so unhappy,” he said. “I do not have anyone to pray for me. Not my father. Not my mother. Not my big brother, Hong. So what can I do?”

Teacher Clara put her arm around his shoulder. “Vanminh,” she said softly, “even though your family does not know Jesus, many people pray for you. I pray for you every week. Other teachers here in Sunday school do too. But I have some even better news. Jesus prayed for you!”

Vanminh’s brown eyes showed surprise. “Jesus prayed for me? No, that cannot be, Teacher. Jesus lived a long time ago. He did not know me.”

Teacher Clara pulled a Bible from her purse. ”Yes, He did, Vanminh. See, it says here that Jesus prayed for His helpers, and for all the people who would believe on Him through their words. You believe in Jesus, don’t you, Vanminh? I remember the Sunday you asked Him to come into your heart.”

“Oh, yes, Teacher Clara,” he replied.

“Then you were part of Jesus’ prayer, Vanminh.”

Slowly a big smile came across Vanminh’s face. The thoughts that had troubled him all week melted away. “I think I will go to the activity center,” he told Teacher Clara. “I will do the project now.”

Parent’s Corner

This will be our final lesson in this unit on prayer. The main point will be that Jesus prayed for us who are His followers. What a wonderful thought!

Help your child sense what a special treasure this is – to know that Jesus looked down through the ages of time and mentioned us in His prayers. Let your child make a special bookmark emphasizing this thought as his project for this week. Cut two 2-inch strips of waxed paper. Put a praying-hands sticker in the center of the waxed side of one strip. Arrange tiny flowers or designs cut from gift-wrapping paper around it. Place the other strip on top, waxed sides facing. Carefully press the two strips together with a warm iron. Punch a hole in the top of the bookmark, loop a piece of yarn through the hole, and secure with a knot.