Primary Pals Lesson 31b

Key Verse

Hosanna; Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.
— Mark 11:9

Hosanna to Our King!

Mark 11:1-11

Jesus did many wonderful things when He was here on this earth. His disciples were almost always with Him. Just imagine how they must have felt as they watched Him heal the sick and raise the dead. Jesus didn’t always tell His disciples what He was going to do. Sometimes He had surprises for them.

One bright, sunny morning, Jesus called two of His disciples. He wanted them to go to a nearby city and bring back a donkey. He added that if anyone asked why they were taking the donkey, they should tell him, “The Lord needs it.”

How curious those two disciples must have been as they walked to the city. How did Jesus know exactly where the donkey would be? They probably wondered what He was going to do with that donkey. Would the owner really let them take it when they told him Jesus wanted it?

When the disciples came to the city they went to the place where Jesus had told them to go. They found the donkey exactly where Jesus had said it would be. Quickly they untied it. As they did so, some people standing nearby asked them what they were doing.

The disciples told them that Jesus needed it. So the people let the disciples take the donkey.

The disciples brought the donkey to Jesus. They laid some of their own clothes on the donkey’s back to make a soft cushion for Jesus to sit on.

As Jesus rode the donkey into the city of Jerusalem, the people came from all around. They knew Jesus was the One who had done many wonderful miracles. They shouted and sang, “Hosanna; Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.” Many of them spread out their clothes on the dusty ground for Jesus to ride over. The people cut down palm branches from nearby trees and laid them on the road also. They waved some of the palm branches in the air as they continued to sing praises to Jesus.

Jesus rode the donkey through the streets of the city of Jerusalem. It was a good day. Everyone was happy and full of joy. There was much singing and praising the Lord. The people loved Jesus more than ever. They wanted Jesus to be their King!

We will never see Jesus riding into our city on a donkey. But still we can praise and honor Him. Being a Christian is exciting! Jesus does so many wonderful things for us. He makes us feel so good inside that we want to shout and sing praises to Him!

Parent’s Corner

The reason we will not be studying Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on the traditional Palm Sunday, is that we want to give an in-depth coverage to the events immediately preceding Easter. The lessons would be out of sequence if we waited to study this text on the Sunday before Easter.

When we think of praising the Lord, as the people did when He rode into Jerusalem, we often think of music. Make some musical instruments with your child this week. A drum can be made by covering a cardboard oatmeal box with colored paper. Dip a coffee filter in water and stretch the damp cover over the open end of the box. Fasten with a rubber band, and allow to dry before playing.

Maracas can be made by removing the caps and plugs from two plastic lemons, dropping in some rice or small beans, and pushing in pencils for handles. A paper towel tube makes a good fife. Punch five small holes in a row along the cylinder, and cover one end with waxed paper. Have your child hum into the open end.