Primary Pals Lesson 33a

Key Verse

The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.
— Hebrews 13:6

A Baby's Basket Boat

Exodus 1:22; 2:1-10; Hebrews 11:23

I was really afraid. We had a new baby in our house, and we all loved him very much. But Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt, wanted to kill all the Hebrew boy babies. He is such a mean man! How were we going to save my new baby brother?

We did everything we could to hide the baby. But by the time he was three months old, my parents knew they couldn’t hide him any longer. It made me cry when I thought of Pharaoh’s sending someone to take our baby away. But Mom and Dad said that God would protect the baby if we trusted in Him. That helped me to stop crying.

Then Mom started working on something. She used some tall grass from the river and wove a nice basket that was sort of like a boat. She called it an ark. She said she was going to put the baby in the ark and put it on the river. I didn’t think that was such a great idea. Who was going to feed our baby? What if he floated out where we couldn’t reach him? What about the crocodiles in the river? What if some of Pharaoh’s men found him?

I was getting scared again. But Mom said that I didn’t have to be afraid. She said we were all going to pray and that God was going to help us. That made me feel better. It would be exciting to see how God was going to answer our prayer!

The next day we put the baby into the ark and went down to the river. Mom set the ark in the tall grass that was growing at the river’s edge, so it wouldn’t drift away. She told me to walk down the riverbank a long way and watch. I felt pretty important to be able to stay and watch alone. But what was going to happen?

Soon a group of people came to bathe at the very spot where the baby was. Oh, no! It was Pharaoh’s daughter! Surely God wouldn’t let her see the baby! I started praying while I watched.

They found the baby! I couldn’t stay where I was any longer, so I ran over to them. The baby was crying and Pharaoh’s daughter was holding him. She wanted to keep him!

I got my courage up and asked if she wanted me to go get someone to take care of the baby. She said yes, so I ran as fast as I could to get my mom. She was so happy to hear the news! Our little baby was safe, because now he was Pharaoh’s grandson! Pharaoh’s daughter named him Moses.

After seeing God work like He did for my little brother, I know I don’t ever have to be afraid again. God will take care of me too!

Parent’s Corner

This new unit of lessons is about Moses, the man God chose to lead the Children of Israel out of slavery.

Do you have a small baby in your family? If so, you have the perfect opportunity to help your child relate to this lesson on how Moses’ life was miraculously spared at infancy.

After reading the Bible text with your child, help him understand that Moses’ family felt just the way you do about your baby. Talk about how much you love your baby, and how you would want to protect him from any harm. Discuss all the things a baby needs, and how difficult it would be to hide a baby. What would you do if the baby cried?

Your child might enjoy making a baby collage during this week. Let him cut out pictures of infants from magazines or catalogues and paste them on a large sheet of construction paper.