Primary Pals Lesson 36a

Key Verse

All scripture is given by inspiration of God.
— 2 Timothy 3:16

A Very Special Book

Jeremiah 36:1-32; Luke 1:1-4; Acts 1:1-2; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:19-21

Tony knocked on the door of his grandfather’s study. “Can I come in, Grandpa?” he called.

“Yes, Tony,” his grandfather answered. “Come on in.”

“Want to see my books?” Tony asked. “I just got three of these for my birthday.” He set an armload of books down on his grandfather’s desk.

Grandpa picked up the top three books and looked through them. “These are really great. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.” Then he looked at the other books. “Why are you carrying these around?”

Tony grinned. “They are my favorites. I want to read them over again.”

Grandpa nodded. “I know what you mean, Tony. I have some favorite books too. That one there on the end table is my very favorite. I read it every day.”

Tony’s eyes widened. “Wow, that must really be a special book. Even my very best books I don’t read every day!” He walked over to the end table and looked down at the book. “Oh, this is a Bible, Grandpa!”

“That’s right,” Grandpa smiled. “The Bible is one book that stands out from all books, Tony. It is in more homes around the world than any other book. It has been printed in nearly every language. Most people probably read other books, even famous classics, once. But the Bible is read over and over again.”

“Why is that, Grandpa?” Tony questioned. “What makes the Bible different from other good books?”

Grandpa came over and sat down in his big chair. “It’s because the Bible is a living book, Tony.”

Tony looked puzzled. “What do you mean, Grandpa? How can a book be alive?”

“It is alive because it makes sense for today. And it was written thousands of years ago!” Grandpa answered. He opened the Bible. “It says here that all Scripture is given by inspiration of God. That means God told the writers what to say. God knew what the people of that day needed to hear. And He knew what we would need today. So the Bible is for the people of every time in history. It will never be out-of-date.”

Tony looked down at the book in his grandpa’s lap. “I know something else about the Bible, Grandpa. It’s all true!”

“That’s right, Tony. It’s true because it is God’s words, not man’s. That makes it very special.”

Tony sat down on the arm of the chair. “Grandpa, Grandma said lunch won’t be ready for about half an hour. Is there time for you to read me a story out your special book?”

Parent’s Corner

We are beginning a five-part unit entitled Learning About Our Bible. Your primary child is now of an age where he can begin to realize why this Book is so very important to us.

This first lesson explains that our Bible is special and different from other books because it was inspired by God. Your child will learn that God showed the various authors what He wanted them to write, and that this was done so all people could know about Him.

Show your child the list of the books of the Bible given at the front of the Bible. To help him remember the names, give him the letters from a Scrabble or other spelling game. Let him see how many of the names he can spell using these letters.


Verses to help your child understand this Bible lesson.

SUNDAY: 2 Timothy 3:16

MONDAY: Isaiah 40:8

TUESDAY: Matthew 24:35

WEDNESDAY: 1 Peter 1:25

THURSDAY: Job 23:12

FRIDAY: John 20:31

SATURDAY: Romans 15:4