Key Verse

Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.
— Psalm 37:37

Quarter Review

Hebrews 11:8-27
  1. Abraham’s life is an outstanding example of one who followed God in true faith and obedience. What are some traits in Abraham’s life that can be applied to Christian lives today?
  2. The Bible warns us against letting our lives become entangled with the affairs of this world. What is the danger in doing this? “Remember Lot’s wife.”
  3. In Genesis 25:27-34 we see an example of one who defaulted from the grace of God through the forfeiture of his birthright for temporary secular gain. He exchanged spiritual well-being for momentary fleshly gratification. What are some of the ways we, as born-again believers, may protect our spiritual birthright?
  4. What was John the Baptist’s particular purpose for this life and how is this call similar to the Christian’s call today? What can we do about it? See John 1:29-31.
  5. The account of Peter’s actions in Acts shows a far different person than the one who denied his Lord. Trace the events that brought about this change.
  6. Scripture indicates that those who are faithful in the service of the Lord and love His appearing will receive a crown of righteousness. Describe what being faithful means and how people who are looking for Christ’s appearing should conduct themselves.
  7. What assurance did Jochebed have that Moses would be safe when she placed him in the ark and laid it in the flags by the river’s brink? Explain how and why her attitude and actions are a good example to the Christian today. A helpful Scripture could be 2 Timothy 1:12.
  8. What quality in Solomon’s life is most commendable? Why is it important for Christians to seek this blessing?
  9. Each character in this quarter had decisions to make just as we do today. How do you know if the decisions you are making are right?